Upper/Lower bound & Annualized consumption. TSLA & BTC.

Could someone shine a light on something???

I’m long TSLA, I’m long BTC. Any of those long TSLA may have come across Solving the money Problem. Anyway, Steve (the host) posted this chart illustrating the TWh consumption from Bitcoin mining. I thought he made a valid point, stating that after February 8th, the TWhs consumed skyrocketed. The environment has changed for Elon so he wanted to adjust his position. However, looking closer I found he was reading the wrong line. (I think) he was reading the Upper Bound as opposed to estimated annual consumption. I feel like the latter is what you should be looking at right?

As I understand it, Upper and Lower Bound simply represents the highest and lowest measured number in a list of measurements and does not reflect the average.

In a sequence: (2, 2, 3, 4, 1, 34) 34 would be the upper bound, while 1 would be the lower bound.

Could anyone shine a light and see if any of this makes sense?

Here’s the chart.

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