US regulators to provide clarity around crypto for 2022

US regulators to provide clarity around crypto for 2022

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  1. tldr; US banking regulators intend to clarify in 2022 what role traditional banks can legally play in the cryptocurrency market, they said on Tuesday. The agencies said they plan to make clear what sort of activities banks can engage in involving cryptocurrency, including holding it on their balance sheets, issuing stablecoins and holding crypto assets. The rapid growth of cryptocurrency presents “potential opportunities and risks” for traditional banks, the agencies added.

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  2. There is Bitcoin, and then there is “crypto”.

    “Crypto” implies alt-coins. Nearly every alt-coin is a scam run by scammers. If/when governments start tossing those scammers in to jail, or at least shutting them down, that will be good for Bitcoiners and the people who’d been getting scammed.

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