Used Gemini (Flexa) to pay for Baskin Robins and it was actually easier than paying with card…

Used Gemini (Flexa) to pay for Baskin Robins and it was actually easier than paying with card…

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  1. “you’ve official accpted Bitcoin for ice cream”

    Cashier – “mmhmm ok. all i care is it said accepted”.

    Will be a cool story to think about how you spent $3k on ice cream one day I guess.

  2. I swipe my card takes less than 5 seconds and I’d don’t even need to have a conversation with a employee about paying with a gift card and have the WTF look from the employee

  3. that doesn’t look easier, considering you need to open app,load app , load amount, get QR pay code

    When it is so much faster to stick it in or swipe it, not to mention carrying your phone

  4. This is cool and a step in the right direction, but I don’t see how this is easier than a card?

    I can just turn on NFC and pay with my phone using my bank account with 0 fees – don’t have to open up an app or get a QR code up.

  5. Anybody complaining that paying by card is much faster/easier etc. doesn’t get it.

    This is a payment service which allows you to pay in stores with the cryptocurrency of your choice in seconds. Bitcoin wasn’t designed this way cause it takes 30 minutes for a transaction and costs a unnecessary amount of money.

    This is a necessary step forward in adopting cryptocurrency to our daily lifes. And should be acknowledged by bitcoin believers.

    Edit: Flexa payment is a payment service which uses the AMP token as a collateral. You could say it works as insurance as it deposits the store the money instant while the actual blockchain transaction can take place

  6. 1. most probably wasn’t an on chain transaction (most probably they didn’t really accept btc as they receive the payment in fiat)
    2. created a taxable event
    3. the process you Show takes mich longer than just tap your Card or double click your phone and tap that

    So as Long as you’re income is not getting paid im Crypto I doesn’t make sense to have that service (which relies on a centralized bank….)

  7. Yes in current state Flexa payment can be a bit clunky for users- but nobody is talking about how huge this is for merchants. Maybe don’t pay in BTC, but the beauty of the Flexa network is you can pay with any coin, to any merchant, in any fiat- all with instant settlement. Just look at how simpler and cost effective it is for merchants to use Flexa compared to a credit card.

  8. How is that simpler than card? You just stick your card on the scanner and you’ve paid in one second. And why spend Bitcoin when you can spend inflationary USD? Spend Bitcoin after hyperbitcoinization.

  9. lmfao “easier than card”

    A transaction with my card takes less than ten seconds and this video is nearly a minute long. I like btc and i recognize its very bright future but this some fucking click bait title shit.

  10. America is so behind on payment systems.
    There’s a payment system called *contactless* . You tap (or just wave) the card and the bill is paid. You can even just tap your wallet.
    It’s so ubiquitous now now that even market stalls and buskers have contactless payment. And in fact few places accept cash anymore.

  11. This is stupid. Crypto still has a ways to go until brick and mortar adoption. By then the standard should and will be to be nfc’d at the entry and a single tap on the phone to confirm the purchase before leaving. Hell you don’t even need that at an Amazon store.

  12. Eff the haters. I have you some uovote sprinkles. So what stops someone from using the barcode you just scanned again? Asking out of curiosity and the fact that you filmed the barcode and posted it. Expiration on the transaction address? Curious about security here.



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