Users will be able to earn bonuses in Ether and Bitcoin through Brex


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• Brex promises good earnings with Ether.
• Real estate companies like WeWork join in crypto transactions.

Brex, the US financial services and technology company, is poised to allow its users earn bonuses in cryptocurrencies, especially Ether. The financial provider’s partners are Classpass, Airbnb, and Combinator, with whom it lends its exchange operations. The technology company has notified its users that they can create their wallets on Coinbase and guarantees them security.

Brex ensures these crypto wallets will remain protected with their private keys. He even said in his statement that now users can receive Ether bonds in MetaMask portfolios. This new Brex setup was made possible by TravelBank, JetBlue’s largest travel website.

Brex trusts Ether and its current value

Brex founder and co-CEO Henrique Dubugras said the company has always believed in cryptocurrencies. However, they increased their trust in the cryptocurrency when Tesla and Square invested in it. For these great investments, people like Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, are taken as the promoters of cryptocurrencies in this new year.

The financial technology company was founded in 2017, specifically in January. Pedro Franceschi and Henrique Dubugras founded Brex as a Fintech company for crypto investments. This company offers management accounts to companies dedicated to technology and business credit cards.

iHold, the news website, reports that commercial real estate company WeWork is accepting payments in Ether and other cryptocurrencies. This company partnered with startups like Coinbase and BitPay for legal crypto transactions.

Many real estate companies accepting Ether

As time goes by, cryptocurrencies gain fame for their level of investment and rewards. WeWork is not the only real estate company that accepts payments in ether but is joined by many more. Payment in this decentralized currency has been a trend for real estate and other services.

With WeWork and BitPay, the digital payment methods being accepted are Ethereum, Bitcoin and USD coin, PAX, and other cryptocurrency pairs. The real estate company seeks to enter the crypto game by updating its interface for it. WeWork announced that cryptocurrencies would also be on its balance sheet to expand and merchants update.

WeWork CEO Sandeep Mathrani suggests the company needs a revamp, with this being the best way to do it. The real estate company promotes the crypto business just like Brex and other American investors.

It’s not clear how good the cryptocurrency bonuses promised by Brex will be, but it’s an excellent alternative. Cryptocurrencies such as Ether have taken ground in American companies for real estate or technology services, increasing their approval.

This Brex bonus system may enhance Ether’s fame, and new investment systems will emerge. There is no exact date for these Brex adjustments, but the value of the cryptocurrency could rise when it occurs.

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