VanEck Bitcoing ETF – SEC asking for comments. Do we need to do anything here ? How can I help

I want BTC to be part of the ETF

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  1. We should stop the ETF, if we can.

    ETFs open the door to bad things.

    **Rehypothecation**: Look at the price of gold; it has been artificially suppressed via “paper gold”. Search, “physical gold vs paper gold”. ETFs open the door for evil people to suppress the price of Bitcoin by selling Bitcoins that don’t exist, or, if you prefer, selling the same Bitcoin to many clients (dozens, hundreds), all at the same time. Don’t be quick yell “hooray for Bitcoin ETFs.”

    **Government confiscation**: As the US dollar collapses (along with every other fiat currency), it will reach a point where they decide they “need” some money with value, to pay the military, for example. They’ll decide they “need” to confiscate Bitcoins (and probably gold, too). The only Bitcoins they’ll be able to confiscate will be those in held in custody, such as ETFs, exchanges, GBTC, etc. When this happens, those who have been beating the “Not your keys, not your Bitcoins,” drum will be vindicated.

What do you think?

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