Verasity And Axie Infinity Collaborate For The FTX GalAxie Cup Esport Tournament

Verasity And Axie Infinity Collaborate For The FTX GalAxie Cup Esport Tournament




Verasity has announced its partnership with Axie Infinity for the FTX Galaxie Cup 2021. Verasity, a protocol, and product layer blockchain platform for digital content and esports, and Axie Infinity, an online video game streaming and NFT platform, will work together to stream the FTX Galaxie Cup 2021.

The FTX Galaxie Cup is a professional esports tournament by Axie Infinity. The tournament will notably be the first venture for Axie Infinity into the esports industry. The tournament is scheduled to take place on November 27, starting from 13:00 GMT +8, and will continue the next day, November 28, 2021 opening doors for both public and professional players.  

The partnership has given VeraEsports, a competitive e-sports and video streaming platform by Verasity and GalAxie Cup, exclusive rights to stream the event. Notably, FTX GalAxie Cup will be the first tournament to leverage and integrate Versaity’s patented blockchain technology.

Commenting on the event, Andrew Campbell, Program Lead for Esports & Content Creators at Axie Infinity, said:

“This pre-season of Axie Esports with 5,000 AXS in prize money has illuminated an incredible foundation for our competitive scene. Tournament organizers worldwide have been hosting amazing community events that continue to bring out the best in our community. As our community further pushes the envelope, we will be furthering our investments in building out infrastructure to support Axie Esports.”




The partnership will also allow viewers to earn special rewards during the tournaments. These rewards will be available on VeraEsports Rewards Store. In addition, custom Axie Infinity NFTs (AXIES), $VRA tokens, and other exclusive items will be available for redemption. Notably, the tournament has been open for registration for the last months allowing players from the global communities to sign up ahead of the event.

To watch (and earn) FTX GalAxie Cup 2021, visit or, starting at 13:00 GMT +8, on November 27, 2021, and November 28, 2021.

VersEsports is an all-in-one solution to organize, grow and monetize gaming communities and esports competitions. The platform offers sponsors, advertisers, and viewers an ecosystem that facilitates easy integration into software development kits for all other major video and streaming platforms. The platform seeks to create a secure, transparent, and trustworthy space that will significantly increase video monetization and user engagement on video platforms. 

RJ Mark, CEO of Verasity, added:

“We are excited to showcase our VeraPlayer for the FTX GalAxie Cup 2021. During this event, real-time third-party data will be fed into Verasity’s patented Proof of View system. Aside from showcasing our technology, we believe that cross-collaboration of blockchain projects will be beneficial to all parties involved, and we are excited for this opportunity and what may come in the future.” 

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