Verasity VRA Price Prediction 2021-2024

Verasity VRA price prediction attempts to forecast the price of the VRA based on the historical price actions of the VRA Verasity coin. When analyzing particular crypto’s price rise and fall, it is crucial to consider several variables that affect the crypto market.

Therefore, depending on the factors considered by a particular model, the Verasity price prediction will always be different for each prediction model. However, from an analytical point of view, it is possible to predict a possible future price range, for which the price of Verasity will lie.

The price prediction forecast for Verasity cryptocurrency, VRA, is generally projected to continue upward, with the bulls overcoming the bears. An overall bullish trend indicates that the future price of Verasity cryptocurrency will be more than its current price.

These price ranges give aspiring investors a good picture of what to expect in the coming years regarding return on investment. So, before we dive deep to analyze Verasity price prediction, let’s look at what makes Verasity unique.

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What is Verasity (VRA)?

Verasity is a protocol that essentially seeks to improve the returns of video publishers and creators by providing avenues for revenue increase. The protocol aims to reward genuine content creators and solve the problem of fake views among advertisers. The Verasity protocol is arguably the sole, patented blockchain technology-related protocol layer. While their technology is patented in the US as many adtech companies are based there, the SEC’s lack of clarity on staking is out of their control.

By utilizing a wide range of revenue-generating avenues such as esports tournaments, fight clubs, and other subscription-based, it promises to significantly increase advertising income for the video publisher. Similarly, the foundation plans to release its B2B products later in 2021 to enlarge its scope to the levels of Twitter, Youtube, and other social media ad stacks to increase the reward. The expansion is a good sign for Verasity crypto holders since more activity within the ecosystem will result in the overall positive growth of VRA’s native digital crypto.

These initiatives are innovative and provide real solutions to financial problems. Therefore the VRA crypto, the utility crypto of the Verasity ecosystem, has a promising future, dependent on the success of Verasity.

There are several avenues for Verasity to make money and grow into a robust protocol that will ensure the success of its native digital crypto. For instance, the Verasity crypto community can utilize their tournament platform for video ad revenues, transaction fees, and commissions on prize pools.

Verasity (VRA) price history and technical analysis

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Image Courtesy of CoinMarket Cap

The cryptocurrency is full of uncertain events that eventually shape the future of cryptocurrency tokens. Short-term traders are always on the lookout for positive and negative news, and they often react fast by either buying or selling the cryptocurrency based on the prevailing news.

For instance, recently this year, Tesla announced that they would stop allowing people to purchase Tesla vehicles using Bitcoin; this move saw a massive drop in BTC price, alongside other news such as China’s crackdown on Bitcoin miners, citing energy concerns.

Verasity, through its Proof of View protocol, stands a chance to withstand volatility in the crypto market based on other forecasts.

Verasity technical analysis shows that the predicted high trading prices in the coming years are achievable, based on the trend analysis. Users can expect a continuous bull run throughout the years and cautiously invest in the VRA crypto for a good return.

Since its launch, Verasity coins have fluctuated in prices, recording an all-time high price of 0.065661 USD. The VRA’s all-time high prices were registered recently, on October 11th, 2021, and since the VRA, crypto’s price has decreased by 10% to its current price.

Similarly, the price of Verasity hit an all-time low on February 23rd, 2021, which is about eight months ago, with a trading price of $0.00199511, according to its historical data.

The current market cap of VRA is 384,271,610 USD, with a market dominance of approximately 0.01%. The trading volume over the last 24hrs is 71,477,157 USD, with a Market cap overall rank of #200 on Coingecko.

Pros and Cons of investing in Verasity (VRA)

Since Verasity forecast is essentially bullish, many crypto enthusiasts would consider investing in it for the long term. Bearish tokens are only suitable for traders who can short coins to make money during a bear market. However, bulls always like the idea of prices going up and their crypto investment portfolio increasing in USD value.

Since the crypto market is largely unpredictable, consider below some factors before investing in the cryptocurrency market, especially Verasity.

Pros of investing in Verasity (VRA)

  • Verasity is a futuristic blockchain project that solves real-world problems. Since the VRA crypto is dependent on the success of the Verasity ecosystem, it’s likely to increase in price as well.
  • By analyzing the price chart of the Verasity coin, evident support levels have been established, and the cryptocurrency shows a solid sign of an upward trend; therefore, investing in it can result in positive gains and prove to be a good investment.
  • Recently, the Veracity crypto has gained considerable action, recording significant increases in trading volume and market capitalization; these are signs of a vibrant cryptocurrency with an impressive future price forecast.

Cons of investing in Verasity (VRA)

  • The forecast system is primarily reliant on past price data; however, there are other factors such as the legal compliance of the Verasity team. In case of any negative news regarding the Veracity project, the VRA crypto price could plummet quickly.
  • As a crypto investor, you must manage your risks; although low market capitalization coins like Verasity could result in substantial percentage gains, they could also result in massive losses.

Market prediction for Verasity (VRA) price prediction 2021

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We are nearing the end of the year, and a lot has happened since the beginning of 2021 in the cryptocurrency market. Several tokens have recorded all-time highs and lows within the same year, thanks to Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD).

Based on the prices of Verasity throughout the year, the price chart shows the potential for a slight increase in prices from now until December of 2021. The VRA crypto itself has had an impressive run a few weeks ago, recording its new ATH on October 11th.

For the rest of the year, the VRA price should continue to fluctuate with an overall upward trend from its current price, based on the price forecast of Verasity.

In 2021, the VRA coin price forecast shows that it can trade at a minimum price of 0.06 USD and a maximum price of 0.09 USD in November 2021. Consequently, the expected average price of Verasity by the end of November 2021 is 0.07 USD.

Further price forecast on the price of Verasity indicates that the VRA crypto will continue to grow positively in December 2021. According to the price forecast findings, VRA could trade at a minimum and maximum price of 0.063 USD and 0.093 USD According to the price prediction forecast, the expected mean price is 0.074 USD by the end of December.

Verasity (VRA) price prediction from TradingBeasts

The price of VRA, according to TradingBeasts, is bullish although not as aggressive as other predictions. The platform suggests that VRA prices will increase over the years to record new all-time highs in the future.

The VRA crypto is rated as an excellent future investment when looking at their statistics by considering their predictions.

The price forecast reveals that the VRA crypto will trade at a low price of 0.0745240 USD and a maximum price of 0.0931549 USD by the end of December 2021. The above forecast data also suggests an average VRA predicted price of 0.0745240 USD by the end of 2021.

Verasity (VRA) price prediction from Wallet Investor

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Image Courtesy of Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor price predictions for VRA are equally bullish with fairly explosive growth. Based on their technical analysis prediction model that considers the moving average, they determine if a cryptocurrency is suitable for long-term investments. In their analysis section of the price of Verasity, the coin trading price is expected to go up, earning the Verasity token an outstanding long-term investment tag.

According to Wallet Investor Verasity predictions, the 1-year forecast of the Verasity cryptocurrency price target indicates that it will have a market value of $0.086. Similarly, the forecasted five-year price shows that VRA will trade at a market price of $0.212. This projected price increase suggests that the Verasity cryptocurrency community will realize an increase in the value of their crypto portfolio.

Cryptopolitan’s verdict on Verasity (VRA)

VRA cryptocurrency can be a profitable investment in the long term; however, investors are encouraged to research the coin before investing.

Crypto analysis shows that the Verasity utility token will maintain a bullish momentum; however, some market factors that may affect the price of Verasity have not been considered.

When choosing to invest in Verasity and other digital currencies, careful analysis of the price charts and news updates should be done. In general, VRA is a good cryptocurrency token for investment that could return good profits.

Verasity (VRA) price forecast for 2022

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In 2022, we expect the VRA coin price to increase with a slower momentum. From the price predictions, the VRA coins are projected to trade in the crypto market at an average of $0.0757638 in January 2022. In the same month, the VRA crypto has a predicted possible high price of $0.0947048 and a low price of $0.0643993.

By the end of 2022, the coin is projected to increase in value to trade at a minimum price of $0.0914465. The average projected price of VRA by December 2022 is $ 0.1075841, while the maximum projected price is $0.1344801.

Verasity (VRA) price prediction for 2023

Verasity VRA Price Prediction 2021-2024 6

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Verasity price chart analysis predicts that in 2023, the VRA token will continue with an upward trend. The VRA cryptocurrency is expected to record mid-year prices of about $0.1253231. The expected maximum price of VRA is $0.1566538, and the projected lowest price is $0.1065246 by the end of June 2023.

Similarly, the price of the VRA coins by the end of 2023 indicates a continuous bullish momentum. Verasity price prediction data implies that VRA will be worth the lowest price of $0.1040134 and a maximum value of $0.1529609 by December 2023. The above price changes translate to a 105.32% price increase from the current price of VRA.

Verasity (VRA) price forecast for 2024

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In 2024, the VRA coins will continue to appreciate based on the Verasity price forecast. The Verasity price will increase with a solid bullish momentum because of the already established intense support levels.

Fundamental analysis of the Verasity price forecast shows that the VRA price will record higher prices of $0.1560252 and lower prices of $0.1060972 at the beginning of 2024. The VRA price will then continue to test new resistance levels during the year until December 2024.

By December, the Verasity price forecast shows projected VRA price will record a low price of $0.1255718 and a maximum price of $0.1846644. Based on the Verasity price forecast, the VRA price will average $0.1477315 in December 2024, implying good earnings.

Where to buy Verasity VRA

 The top exchanges for trading in Verasity are currently OKEx, HitBTC, KuCoin, ZT, and You can find others listed on the CoinMarketCap crypto exchanges page.

Verasity VRA Price Prediction 2021-2024 8
Verasity Markets

The last coin on widely followed crypto strategist and trader Van de Poppe’s list is the next-generation video sharing protocol Verasity. Van de Poppe says he’s also looking for VRA to correct before it can ignite a potential rally of over 80% from his entry point.

But this is the region [$0.04] that you’re looking at with a target zone at $0.08.

Michaël van de Poppe, Daily Hodl


The Verasity price forecast employs chart analysis techniques to predict future prices of the VRA cryptocurrency. When considering the Verasity price predictions, it is evident that the token provides an excellent investment opportunity to long-term holders. Verasityneeds to be listed on more exchanges in general and I can’t imagine they aren’t pushing for Binance.

In terms of price action, I wouldn’t say reaching 0.5 or 1$ will be ”easy”. A lot needs to go right with the market, with their roadmap, and with the POV technology. Long-term holders believe the gaming/streaming industry is a great niche to be in when it comes to application and potential growth. The best thing you could do is to stake and relax for a solid couple of years or sell around the peak (if you can time it), buy back in during the bear cycle, and repeat the process.

However, investors should be careful when investing in relatively low market capped coins like Verasity since crypto whales can easily manipulate their prices. The regular dumping and pumping of cryptocurrency prices is sometimes a controlled practice aimed at profiting crypto whales. Sometimes these crypto whales can propagate fake Verasity news to instill fear in the crypto space. Therefore, while considering the Verasity price forecast, it is essential to seek professional financial advice and investment advice before investing in VRA based on Verasity prediction.


Interested crypto enthusiasts are often on the lookout for more investment opportunities. VRA provides a splendid chance for crypto enthusiasts to invest and make money in a long time horizon. Below are some frequently asked questions about Verasity price prediction and projected Verasity price.

Is Verasity (VRA) a safe investment in 2021?

Investments involve some level of risk; however, going by the Verasity price forecasts, the VRA cryptocurrency is a safe investment in 2021.

Based on the forecasts, the VRA coins will trade at higher market prices than the current market price. Therefore, in 2021, investing in Verasity tokens is safe.

Is Verasity (VRA) cryptocurrency a good investment?

The concept of a good and bad investment is relative depending on the investor’s preference. However, on a general scale, the Verasity VRA crypto provides an excellent long-term investment opportunity.

Crypto enthusiasts understand the benefits of holding cryptocurrencies for the long term. According to the price forecasts of VRA, it is likely to record high growth percentages over a prolonged period.

Where can I buy Verasity (VRA) cryptocurrency?

Verasity cryptocurrency markets are in plenty. Today, several renowned cryptocurrency exchange platforms like and KuCoin allow users to trade VRA.

VRA price differs slightly on these platforms due to differences in transaction fees and trading fees. Currently, the famous crypto market to buy and sell VRA is KuCoin- where you can trade the VRA/USDT pair and the VRA/BTC pair. Other platforms include Bittrex, Bithumb,, and Uniswap (V2).

How to buy Verasity (VRA)?

To buy and sell VRA at the current market Verasity price, you need to have an account with the crypto exchange platforms that have listed VRA.

For decentralized finance DeFi fans, the tokens are available on Uniswap V2. To buy, you need to connect your VRA wallet to Uniswap to facilitate the DeFi exchange.

Additionally, centralized exchange platforms like KuCoin and allow investors to trade VRA in the crypto markets. These platforms offer VRA/USDT trading pairs, with KuCoin recently introducing the VRA/BTC pair for those who like to trade in with BTC.

Is Verasity (VRA) profitable for short-term investors?

The highest price of Verasity price was recorded a few days ago, meaning there are considerable price movements in the VRA price charts. The new ATH implies that traders can easily place profitable trades on Verasity price today and make money. However, proper knowledge of crypto trading is required to be a good day trader.

Based on the price forecasts, it is evident that the general trajectory of the VRA token assumes an upward trend, meaning, investing in it for the short term is profitable.

Should I buy and hold Verasity (VRA) for the long term?

Verasity is a good investment for long-term holders since it shows a clear potential for value increase. For those interested in the new addition of VRA tokens to their cryptocurrency portfolios, it is prudent to conduct more research on the

However, the price forecasts show that the value of VRA will continue in an upward trend, maintaining its bullish momentum. Note that several factors influence the price of a coin, and for your investment in VRA to be worth it, you should do your own research (DYOR) and determine your investment priorities.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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