Vincent Lau Named New Managing Director For Huobi Global

Vincent Lau Named New Managing Director For Huobi Global

Huobi Global stands as one of the biggest crypto exchanges out there in terms of trade volume. Recently, the exchange announced that it had appointed one Vincent Lau, a veteran of the blockchain industry, as the new Managing Director of the company

Various New Responsibilities For Lau

Lau boasts a very impressive employment history. Prior to his new position at Huobi Global, the man had served in executive positions in two other major crypto exchanges: OKEx and Bitfinex. Another good addition to his employment history is working for global corporations outside of the crypto space. This includes Iclick Interactive, a marketing firm, as well as Groupon, the e-commerce marketplace.

As for his new role in Huobi Global, Lau will be in charge of overseeing the international expansion of the firm, as well as localized operations and strategic development. The plan from Huobi’s end is to expand into various key markets, such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, as well as the European Union.

Huobi Plans To Expand

Of course, Lau had only kind words to say about his employer. He explained that digital asset adoption was nearing its critical mass, and he was overjoyed to be working with Huobi at such a time. He highlighted how his employer is primed to become a global player within the crypto space, citing how it prioritizes security and compliance first.

He did note that Huobi has established itself already within the Asia Pacific (APAC) regions, but assured that there were many untapped market opportunities for the brand, both domestically and internationally. He expressed the typical eagerness to take up his new position and help Huobi establish itself as a global brand, as well.

Pushing Into DeFi

As the new Managing Director for Huobi, Lau will also see to the firm’s general expansion into the DeFi space, as well as head the Huobi ECO Chain, the firm’s overseas smart contract platform, as it continues development. In particular, Huobi will work towards greater adoption of its H-Tokens.

The H-Tokens themselves stand as Ethereum-based assets Huobi itself issues, which are claimed to be back by cryptocurrencies from various other blockchains. According to Huobi, these tokens will serve as a bridge between the centralized markets and the DeFi space at large.

It was just yesterday when Huobi Technology Holdings, a subsidiary of Huobi Global, saw itself gain approval by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. This approval was for the launching of a new crypto asset management portfolio. With this, Huobi Asset Management is aiming to launch three new funds, but that will need even further regulatory approval.

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