Visa: 25% of Latin Americans Want to Pay With Cryptocurrencies

Visa: 25% of Latin Americans Want to Pay With Cryptocurrencies

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  1. All the money printing this year is really waking a lot of people up to inflation. Doubly so outside of the first world where currencies are already more prone to it.

  2. Im from Argentina,

    next month i need to start paying like the equivalent of 10usd per month to the bank for all my banking package (Account, cards, etc)… for me and for the majority of argentineans thats a lot of money.

    our local currency has nearby 20-50% inflation for 10 years, theres no year where the local currency won the inflation, lot of people run the the USD, but now we are seeing the USD also having inflation and problems! Plus the interests rates we can get on USD is 1% or less.

    Having some of our money into Binance for example, that you can have stablecoins with 8% interest, free visa card (well, not now, maybe in the future), and that also with some of the bnb tiers you can get 4% cash back? (top is 8% but thats for whales) // Or any other project that offers similar thing, also no need to pay monthly for your banking services. This is a huge win!!

  3. tldr; A recent Visa survey revealed that 25% of credit card users in Latin America would like to experiment with cryptocurrencies if payment processors gave them the opportunity to do so. Latin America is already a global leader in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. Cryptocurrencies beat other technologies, such as the Internet of Things with 22% and virtual reality with 10%.

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  4. Sadly a lot of these countries are not in a good place when it comes to government. Crypto is a much needed alternative for them, and adoption will rise much faster in places like there over other countries.

  5. No shit. South America gets fucked over by their governments on a regular basis. Pretty sure US policy and Economic Hit Men have nothing to do with that. /s

  6. Jeez…. I am in LA and literally nobody has heard of crypto .

    I went to a ” Bitcoin business” out of curiosity, as I was right next to it—- completely lost—- ( it had appeared out of nowhere on google maps )

    Anyway, it was a money exchange place and the workers had never heard of crypto.

    And there, out the back, was a BTC ATM ( supposedly, if the stickers were to be believed ), that looked like it had been thrown off a skyscraper, twice. And then lit on fire .

    Here, people care about a roof, food, rum and easy ladies.
    Not necessarily in that order.
    Nothing wrong with that, mind you .

  7. Im a latin american from Argentina, i dont want to pay with crypto. Why? Because if its widely adopted, my socialist country will find a way to tax and limit the shit out of it. I prefer if its on the dark from the common population so i can freely save and use my money as i please.



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