Vitalik Buterin ALSO moved his 320,000 ETH from his known address to a brand new one created right before the donations. Could Forbes be right on that one? Did he donate all those shitcoins to create a diversion?

“The transaction, which has been overlooked thanks in part to news Buterin [donated]( more than $1 billion worth of a different cryptocurrency to India Covid Relief Fund, appears to be the largest transfer of his ether holdings to date. Right before the transfer, Ethereum’s figurehead also sent 5,000 ether worth $20.5 million to the same address. ”


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  1. Is it possible he just doesn’t want his wallet littered with shitty scam coins? I’d probably want to keep my legit stuff away from all the bs too..

  2. You can’t have a healthy discussion about Vitalik in this subreddit, people here have picked him as their favorite billionaire, he can do nothing wrong from this point on.

    Upvoted you anyway, I wanna promote a conversation about him, even if it is highly unlikely to happen. It’s very one sided right now.

    Giving you an award too, let’s get this post some attention.



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