Volatility: Major Determinant In The Crypto World


Say what you may about cryptocurrency; without a doubt, cryptocurrency is a volatile asset. Contrary to popular opinion, volatility is not synonymous with evil; volatility is just what it is. It determines the rate at which a cryptocurrency rises or falls; it determines its profitability or otherwise. Simple research on why people are skeptical about investing in cryptocurrency will reveal volatility as a major reason.

Therefore, Aurix chain system was essentially designed to ensure that customers’ fear of volatility is nipped in the bud. It was built to ensure that they are not caught off guard. The simplicity of its interface ensures that even a ten-year-old child will  predict a rise or fall in the price of a cryptocurrency.

Impact of volatility on crypto investment

While crypto trading or investment is not a get-rich-quick scheme, volatility determines whether crypto traders will get rich trading in cryptocurrency involved, or not, among other factors. Volatility in crypto investment comes in three dimensions; extreme, moderate and low.

Dealing with an extremely volatile cryptocurrency is a recipe for tragic loss or gain if you are lucky. Uncertainty is at the core of an extremely volatile cryptocurrency; one minute, its price is rising, the next, it is on a free fall. Like all other forms of investments in the financial market, there are indices to measure the volatility rate of cryptocurrency. Investors also rely on trends, news, and analysis from experts to determine cryptocurrency volatility. 

For daily or short-term traders that want to play it safe by earning in peace meals over a period before a final exit, their surest bet is to trade in moderate or low volatile cryptocurrency. This will drastically minimize loss and the psychological baggage that comes with it. To the glory and global adoption of cryptocurrency, Aurix deserves a standing ovation for its innovative solutions to volatility in the crypto world through its superior technology-driven Aurix chain ecosystem.

What does Aurix offer to counter the impact of volatility?

Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, understands the impact of volatility on crypto earnings and has devised ingenious mechanisms that allow customers to sail with its wave,  take great advantage of the volatility, and smile to the bank. The Aurix chain ecosystem was brilliantly designed to minimize loss and maximize gain. A great evidence to this is its  simple and friendly user interface, which provides a  secure trading environment.

The entire trading area is filled with accurate information represented in flows, charts, Bollinger bands, stochastic oscillators, and candlesticks, which can be studied to efficiently predict a rise or fall in the price of a cryptocurrency.

Aurix crypto trading platform features a search box where customers can search thousands of cryptocurrencies. A simple search reveals necessary information like the crypto volatility index, the amount in circulation, coin cap, and the price per unit in simple terms. Taking all these into consideration allows customers to make informed decisions on a cryptocurrency. There are no hidden fees that allow crypto platforms to cheat customers through the backdoor. 

Customers are rewarded through Aurix’s innovative cashback system, which allows customers to earn rewards for purchasing and transferring fiat and cryptocurrency. Customers can earn up to 9% cashback on transactions.


Volatility is a major feature of the crypto market; its rate determines the rise or fall in the price of a cryptocurrency or the entire market, as the case may be. Aurix crypto exchange’s well-detailed trading platform spells out indices that suggest the viability or otherwise of a cryptocurrency. Innovative solutions like transparent fee structures, cashback, and the adoption of the state-of-the-art technology further prove that the whole system is customer-centric and was built to minimize loss occasioned by the volatility of the crypto market and allied issues. Its first of its kind cashback system guarantees customer’s earning, no matter how bad the market is.

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