Wallstreetbets now officially allows cryptocurrency discussion. Here they come.


Someone crossposted the thread earlier but called it “This is incredible!” for some reason, which made it look like spam. So I’m putting up the cointelegraph link (OMG unreliable!) in order to finally get this up in a way that people could actually see.

I guess they’re coming.

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  1. A mod from /WSB has literally just stickied a post saying:

    >Due to the article that was written by Eric Lam @bloomberg who somehow felt that “WallStreetBets Bows to Crypto”

    >**Crypto discussion is banned indefinitely**. I’ve read a lot of dumb articles written about wsb. This one takes the cake.

    >P.S. Please be respectful of Eric.

    I guess crypto discussion is banned again.

  2. It would be SUPER fucking funny if we immediately banned all discussion of stocks, all the way down to banning comments with the word “stock” in them, just like they did with the word crypto. Maybe they’d get how fucking dumb that harsh of a ban was.

  3. Cc- everyone called us dumb but they didnt even truly listen. Now look

    Also CC- everyone on WSB is dumb i cant stand them.

    Theres just as many dumb as hell investors here as there are on wsb. I mean how many posts come in here about people screwing themselves with alt coins or how they wish they wouldnt have sold years ago. Same shit different sub

  4. Within limits in one daily thread? This is rough. Btc eth or doge only. I guess comments will have to be “hey doge is great but did you know about moons?”





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