Walmart Has Quietly Begun Hosting Bitcoin ATMs

Walmart Has Quietly Begun Hosting Bitcoin ATMs

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  1. These are rip off devices. Fees are over 10% and you don’t buy bitcoin. You buy a voucher. Then redeem it online after giving up all your identity info. Avoid this trash service.

  2. its not the fees that isn’t really a issue, its the KYC that you won’t know tiill you get the receipt. They do not tell you, you need to verify before they release the funds to you

    10% for privacy is worth it unless you don’t care then just go to coinbase

  3. These are complete rip offs. I tried one earlier this week just out of pure curiosity. Put $50 dollars in and by the time I converted my voucher and transferred the BTC to my wallet, I was left with $43 worth of BTC. Not only are there fees for both getting the voucher and moving it to your own secure wallet, they inflate the BTC purchase price. Case in point, BTC was at about $62k at the time of purchase but Coinstar had BTC at $66k.

    That said it was kind of entertaining to purchase BTC using an atm. Just wouldn’t ever do it again.

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