Wanaka Farm Teams Up With DuckDAO To Fuel Expansion


Working as a strong incubation platform for digital asset projects, DuckDAO is elated to announce news about its strategic collaboration with Wanaka Farm, a prominent decentralized video game that provides a real-life farming experience to users. 

The partnership can be viewed as a valuable development for Wanaka community as it rushes towards the fast-approaching launch event of the WANA token. This integration will help DuckDAO to further explore the blockchain-powered gaming cluster with constant support from Wanaka Farm ecosystem.

According to the report, DuckDAO will aid fundraising programs for the Wanaka Farm project so that the latter can strengthen its hold in the industry. By inviting them to collaborate, DuckDAO will help Wanaka Farm to enhance the level of their gaming cluster through the platform’s high-tech tools and services. 

On August 29, DuckDAO will hold a refundable IDO for Wanaka Farms on the DuckSTARTER portal. The whitelisting process will begin from August 22, 2021 and will continue till August 27, 2021. The entire whitelisting will be channelized by Wanaka Farm experts and interested users will have to complete KYC requirements to use the DuckSTARTER portal. To attract support from investors, DuckSTARTER will offer a reserved allocation for early participants and supporters of the Wanaka Farm project. The investors will have a special chance to claim WANA tokens. To celebrate the partnership, Wanaka Farm has also decided to launch a juicy giveaway event for users. The portal will offer a limited set of 100 DuckDAO ducks to the winners. 

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of New Zealand’s Wanaka town, Wanaka Farm is a popular game in the blockchain space. Here, players indulge in an immersive gaming experience imitating a happy farmer’s life. Players cultivate lands, crop farms, pet animals, and decorate their virtual lands with surprising elements. The in-game products created by the gamers work as tradeable assets in the Wanaka market space. The game helps to build a real-life economic channel within the virtual interface of the farm.

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