Want to teach your family / friend / SO about Bitcoin and Blockchain, but don’t want to overwhelm them? This tutorial is the simplest, best explained one I have seen! Perfect for newbies


I always see people in the daily looking for a nice, newbie friendly tutorial for BTC and Blockchain, so I thought I’d share my favorite one. Good luck!

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  1. Hey i just read this article and i am very informed! but…there are some loose ends, i quote ” *Additionally, Bitcoin stores all past transactions permanently so that there is a record of where all bitcoin currently are. This proves who owns which bitcoin. ”* if the blockchain knows where the coin is, why do we need wallets to keep it safe? and not on the site? even if hackers, hack the site where your coin is stored, doesnt make the blockchain your coins invalid?

  2. I’m a complete noob with this but I’ve been lurking for like a month.

    So far what bothers me the most is the number of fees and exchanges there all taking a piece of the pie.

    For example, I don’t pay a dime for account transfers, p2p transfers, withdrawal, deposits at a bank. However, on Binance, there’s a buying/selling fee, transfer fee, holding fee.

    Again my knowledge on crypto is 0. I don’t know what exchanges are good, I hear about some people can’t sell their crypto because they are Canadian? I don’t understand why Canadians require some sort of government-issued ID to trade on other platforms.

    I really do want to learn and would love some help with the terminology, best exchange for ALL coins, why some crypto is not listed on certain exchanges etc.



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