War on Rugs are desperately crying for attention once again.

War on Rugs are desperately crying for attention once again.

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  1. Let me get this right so War on rugs ( if it was a war I’d say they were losing) is trying to collapse a coin because VB offloaded a shitcoin and sent it to charity? By making a shitcoin with a quadrillion supply supporting BNB (where percentage wise most of the rug pulls happen afaik). Yeah totally makes sense.

  2. Read about VB dumping recently and thought it was kinda hilarious. I dont have all the info, but who in their right mind creates a shitcoin that’ll fuck etheriums fees then sends half the coins to the guy who made etherium 😂 it’s like they wanted to get rug pulled

  3. War on Rugs are intentionally contentious for no reason but to bring attention to themselves. They don’t care about the crypto community or rug pulls or really anything… except being trolls and arguing to show how “right” they are.

  4. I only ever heard of WOR from their Twitter battle with Safemoon, where they were heralded as the good guys. Now they’re going after ETH and Vitalik? Way to get rid of all your goodwill in one fell swoop.

  5. This is when the grifters take their appeal from V to the public, not realizing that the public is ready to stone them.

    At best their misguided attempts to crash ETH will lead to temporary discounts that could just turn around and fuel further adoption.

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