WAR ON RUGS just posted a scam advisory about safemoon, it appears that the owner owns more than 50% of the liquidity and refuses to fix it. He could pull LP and sell tokens, creating a rug pull.

WAR ON RUGS just posted a scam advisory about safemoon, it appears that the owner owns more than 50% of the liquidity and refuses to fix it. He could pull LP and sell tokens, creating a rug pull.

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  1. He created FairMoon. Pretty much a shitcoin too

    This is like those Key n Peele skit titled Con artist can’t con another Con artist

    Edit: Just checked that Fairmoon was rugpulled today…

    Edit again: there seems to be 2 version of Fairmoon? CMC and Coingecko reported very different price

  2. War on rugs is the most hypocritical twitter user out there. His word means nothing after doing arug pull himself. The man is just grasping at nothing trying to install fear into people for investing in a coin that’s actually doing well. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even own safemoon. Just know from the past these people don’t mean well

  3. Please go on Twitch and watch AMA’s

    Nobody own 50% of the liquidity … The only adress with huge amount of token is the adress for burned token

    Please DYOR and stop FUD

  4. I followed WOR and was rather liking it for a bit but then he made his own shitcoin. Constant shilling and when the first rugpull happened, he was claiming how it was just an error or bug.

    I can’t take anything he says seriously anymore.

  5. War on rugs isn’t legit they just shill themselves on Reddit to act like they are. There’s actual places that audit. Like certik. Don’t act like war on rugs should be taken seriously

  6. Sure it may be easy to get in ~ but you have to look and ask yourself, “how easy is it going to be to get OUT of this position if I buy in?” Never let yourself become a trapped rat on some craptastic sparkly tokencointhingy.

  7. Here’s a little story. One Sunday evening mid March I couldn’t fall asleep so I did some shitcoin searching. It’s a hobby of mine and I invest here and there in a random shitcoin for shits and giggles. And so I find safemoon, at the time with less than 30k holders and so many 0 after the dot it was a sure thing. However, the whitepaper was basically 5 pages with not much info, webpage was down and it looked shady as fuck.

    I invested a few dozen dollars and let it sit in my trust wallet. Last 14 days shit got real and yesterday I withdrew to BitMart and sold half of it at 69.5x my initial investment (and that is after the double 10% reduction after transfering and selling).

    It’s marketcap a week ago was 10x smaller. It’s a coin with no real utility. It’s a Ponzi scheme and I’m just lucky to have hopped on as soon as I have.

    While the idea of holding it for a long time until so many tokens are burned you become a whale yourself might be tempting, by the time it gets there, demand will be nonexistant.


    Also, don’t go near their subreddit it’s an echo chamber and majority of people don’t even have basic knowledge of crypto.

  8. I named my wallet ” Sure Thing” Everyone that wants to be apart of the sure thing project just send what you can, and I guarantee that the project will moon. 🚀🚀🌝🌜🌛

  9. It seems like he’s right. There is absolutely possibility for a rugpull here. Safemoon could fix this within a minutes but they’re not doing it. Make up your own minds why.

  10. SafeBTC is the only “safe” coin that is legit. We wanted to create something that is rug-pull-proof, and we did just that. We’ve already been audited and will continue to be by multiple reputable companies. We are building something really solid, and working with some power players in the industry



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