I was alerted to this article by Google Alerts []( it is about a supposed company called XMiner [](

I fairly quickly realised something was not right just by the look and feel of the website as well as their too good to be true claims that they can pay out up to 150% within 60 days and so I did some digging.

I first noticed grammar on the site was just wrong “how it work” etc.

Their address if you google it “217 Summit Boulevard Birmingham, AL 35243″ is actually [Trader Joes in a shopping centre.](

There is [an image]( on their about page that I reverse image searched which is basically an image titled ” [***diverse young business professionals***]( ” that you can buy on getty images or shutter stock.


Their team seem to be real peoplepeople that work for other companies that is. Take Kevin Yuann for example [VP Business for NerdWallet](… Not XMiner.

They have a bunch of images of other logo’s such as this one []( on their about us page, I assume these are supposed to be affiliated firms or partner companies, maybe subsidiaries. Problem is none of them exist as far as I can tell. Reverse image searching the images and I found similar designed websites all trying similar scams, see below:






The mining hardware pictures are also obvious fakes.

One of their other sites []( says you can download their app from the play or apple store yet when you click the link it just takes you to an internal page.

I have not yet figured out what the actual scam is, whether it is phishing or just a blatant snatch and run but be careful and warn others.


I let that tech website company know that they were writing articles about scam websites and to their credit, they may not be the brightest, but they did seem concerned and responded pretty quickly.


EDIT forgot to also say that a whois search on the domain shows it is basically brand new. I used the chat function to ask them a few questions and basically they just responded with nonsense. Probably a bot.

EDIT 2 my security software picked up and alerted me of potential issues when viewing some of the other sites so be careful.

I found the templates they are using and this is likely why they all look similar, very lazy scammers apparently: [](

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  1. This same scam was posted about few days ago, just with a different website. Those sites publishing this know that it’s a scam (how could you not?), but since they get paid to publish the article they’ll do it anyway.

    But man, the photoshopping in that group photo. It’s like they didn’t even bother trying.

  2. I’m just curious, do legit cloud mining services even exist? I’m not sure there is a possible business model that can work around this idea. I feel like the only way this could even work is pyramid scheme, or a parallel universe with different physics laws 😂

  3. The best way to avoid scams is to put effort in to educating oneself seriously and properly about your chosen asset class and to not succumb to greed. Scammers rely on the stupid and the greedy.

  4. At one point I thought about selling my hash power on eBay. I saw a listing of someone else doing it and I thought “that’s genius!” Then I thought it through more and realized I could rent my machine to multiple people and just put the money into coinbase or something and payout what would have been mined. After all, if I set the bid pricetowhat the expected hash was at that time, at worst I’d break even

    And then I realized that what I was thinking of doing is fraud. And that’s what almost all of these people are doing.



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