Warning: Two FAKE Exodus Wallet apps were added to the Google Play Store on March 15th. They’re still available for download.

Here is the official Exodus Wallet App:


Here are the scam apps. I’ve broken up the URL intentionally. **Remove the spaces at your own risk:**

[https://play](https://play). google .com/store/apps/details?id=com.exoduswallet.walletexodus

https://play. google .com/store/apps/details?

# What you can do:

The Google Play store doesn’t allow users to review apps that they haven’t downloaded. If you don’t feel comfortable downloading the apps in order to rate them, you can mark the legitimate reviews as “helpful” by clicking the thumbs up icon. You can also report the app without downloading it first.

The fake Daedalus Wallet app wasn’t removed from the Google Play Store until there were multiple posts made to spread awareness of the scam and to encourage others to report it. I’m asking you to do the same.

# How to protect yourself:

* If you’ve downloaded the app and provided your seed phrase or deposited crypto into the wallet, see if you can withdraw your funds to a wallet that you control ASAP.
* If you’ve downloaded either app, uninstall it immediately and run an antivirus scan to be safe (Malwarebytes has a free mobile app, but feel free to use the antivirus of your choice.)
* If you are looking for a mobile wallet app, always be sure to check the reviews, number of downloads, and developer information. Download directly from the official website if possible.


Stay safe and be sure to protect your recovery phrase! Remember: Any wallet that requires you to type in your recovery phrase is unsafe at best and a scam at worst.

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  1. Confirming tools, apps and websites before use should definitely be no:1 concern for anyone in crypto. That’s where all the less techno people are going to get wrecked.

  2. Good job, thanks for reporting this!

    You would think Google would know who is putting scam wallets in their store. I really hope law enforcement can get those details and come looking for those bastard scammers one day!

  3. Ill do my bid to report them later. If the app is still up, leave a poor review comment on the app as well, folks.

    Hmm. There isn’t anything similar on IOS. Thanks for bringing this up for our attention, OP.



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