Watch-only mode: can i generate new addresses from the imported address?

When i do `bitcoin-cli importaddress <address>` , and then i generate new addresses, are these new “child” addresses derived from the imported address, or from the original master private key which was created upon Bitcoin Core install?

I want a Watch-and-generate-only-mode wallet that can only derive new receiving addresses from the imported address, not the original one (i would want to even delete the original wallet master private key)



EDIT: i am using Bitcoin Core ( other wallets are not an option )


EDIT2: These guys []( say the private key is not required to generate new addresses, but they do not specify if i can delete (and how) the master private key then


EDIT3: Partial solution from here []( I just have to figure out how to force non-hardened derivation

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  1. Sounds like you are using Bitcoin Core? Not sure of the watch only support for that but you can achieve your goals with Electrum.

    Edit: as far as I know, any wallet that supports “watch only” utilize the same algorithm for generating addresses and both the offline and the watch only will generate the same addresses. In Electrum, you can generate addresses on both to confirm they are the same.



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