$WAXP – currently the most undervalued NFT token around. Topps partnership with both physical and digital NFT drops. Disney and sports NFT digital collectibles coming soon (Star Wars, Marvel, and Fox, as well as Soccer, NHL, and an EXCLUSIVE MLB license)

NFT’s are hot. All the big NFT coins with decent product/partnerships are hitting 1b+ Market Cap.

OMI just did without even being on uniswap yet or having their circ supply updated and thus, no market cap info. (It’s 168b, so they’re currently at 1.2-1.3b MC). FLOW did it 2 weeks ago. ENJ and CHZ did it last week.

What’s left? $WAXP, and $WAXP is one of the biggest. Similar to OMI (equally great project with their VeVe collectibles IMO), it’s been around for a few years before the NFT craze, so they’ve been working on partnerships and licenses for a while now. [Their biggest one? Topps]( Topps has been THE biggest collectible card manufacturer since the 50s.

And guess what job listing they posted last month?


Here is the most relevant part:

>**Topps** is looking for an enthusiastic and driven **Blockchain Content Producer** to join our world-class digital group. As a member of this team, you will be charged with helping to deliver the highest quality digital sports and entertainment collectibles to fans all over the world. We are on a mission to dramatically lift the quality of our apps and innovate the Topps brand. We are looking for people with the passion, talent and focus to create the highest quality digital collectibles around sports properties such as **MLB, Soccer Leagues & NHL**, and entertainment brands such as **FOX, Star Wars, Marvel and Disney**!
>We are looking for an experienced content producer to **generate and produce digital trading card content and collectibles for our blockchain initiatives**. This position will also support our talent services and original entertainment efforts (Twitch channel setup and live-stream production). You will have the opportunity to work with some of the biggest properties in sports and entertainment.  

Now they [already have a line of digital collectibles]( for MLB, NHL, Soccer, Star Wars, Fox, Marvel, Disney, etc. *however,* this job listing indicates they’re making plans to transition those properties to NFTs.

WAXP x Topps already released digital GPK NFTs last year and have recently released [physical booster packs of GPK cards with NFT codes]( as rare cards in Walmart and Target. It’s very possible their GPK release was essentially a “test run” to get their logistics down before they go on to bigger properties such as sports cards or Disney.

In addition, **Topps actually has an EXCLUSIVE license for MLB cards**, and will have one until 2025. Lots of companies advertise their brand/franchise licenses, but rarely are they exclusive. In this case, MLB is actually exclusive to Topps. Baseball cards are HUGE for sports card collectors. They were *the* original sports cards to collect. Source: [](

It will be far too late to get in WAXP once they start dropping digital and/or physical NFT cards for Baseball, Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney… Get in early and hold mid-long term. (Fair warning, I don’t expect this to happen for a while since the job listing just posted, hence the mid-long hold)

WAXP pumped last week but has corrected pretty hard since then and seems to have just hit its bottom at $0.20. This may be the last time to get any at under $0.25 (hovering between 0.21-0.23 at time of writing). Bouncing between 300-350m market cap with a fairly healthy ratio of circulating to max supply, I believe WAXP is severely undervalued compared to the other NFT tokens and is only a matter of time until it gets the attention it deserves like OMI did this week.

If you missed the ENJ, CHZ, OMI, and FLOW trains to 1b+ MC… WAXP is your next best bet.

Edit: It’s not WAXE on Uniswap. You want the EOSIO coin, $WAXP. More info on tokenomics here:



I use Anchor wallet to store WAXP, but the official Wax cloud one is good too.

You can get WAXP directly with fiat on the Wax Cloud wallet. I’ve personally never done it but I’ve seen the option on the wallet.

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  1. Good write up, and DD with Topps career position.

    A bunch of my friends who weren’t interested in crypto at all are hopping into NFTs pretty hard. My one friend bought a card pack for $40 and sold a picture of an 16bit gorilla for 1.5 ETH. I’m jealous. But they all use WAXP and I have assisted them with purchasing it through kucoin.

    I agree that this NFT could very well explode with how much is going through it, NFT art is crazy hot right now. I have been thinking about dropping a couple hundred on the coin to just hold and see what happens.

  2. I hold a few of the “NFT” tokens, but the only one that I actually use is [WAX]( It’s just more simplistic and streamlined compared to the others imo, making it a superior use case.

    Even though I’m a wax hodler, I’ve used it to buy Street Fighter, Atari, and Bitcoin Origins NFTs. Those things interest me more than most items on the other chains, and it’s not ethereum, so it’s ultra cheap and quick to move around/trade with (which is ideal for trading card NFTs).

    The developer community is also AMAZING. One of the producers (I think they call it guilds) has [created an app]( that lets you view all of your NFTs, as well as track and look at others NFT collections, without having to visit a block explorer website or w/e. The app definitely adds to the addiction, and lets you see the real time value of your NFTs.

  3. I bought a little btc when I started investing this year and down the rabbit hole I’m going. I do remember hearing about the crash I just didn’t put it together.

  4. Here’s my WAXP story…

    I got introduced to NFTs through NBA Topshots. When I saw that Capcom was releasing Street Fighter NFTs on WAX, I thought “Ooh, another good brand! Let me get in early, this could be the next Topshots!”

    So I created a WAX cloud wallet, bought Street Fighter packs with my credit card, and participated in the drop. Let me tell you, it was a steep learning curve at first since I had to learn how to stake WAXP so that I had enough CPU and RAM to open the packs quickly. The telegram and discord chat members were very helpful though.

    Once I got onto Atomichub, which is basically the marketplace, I saw the full potential of WAX and it’s currency, WAXP. I saw blockchain games such as AlienWorlds along with high profile brands such as Capcom and Topps. I also saw how easy it was to buy and sell, and how the fees weren’t bad at all.

    So I bought a lot of WAXP using the Bittrex exchange and my average price was $0.17. I was thrilled when I saw it jump up to $0.30, but I didn’t sell. Rather, I staked most of my WAXP so that it will gain more WAXP, kind of like passive income.

    I believe in the platform long term, that’s why I’m HODLing my WAXP. I’m excited for the next big brands to come to WAX!



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