We are at war.


Make no mistake. We are at war.


The Federal Reserve, the investment banks, the retail banks, the hedge funds that own real estate, the corporations all know that their wealth and survival is based on money printing.


They know the harm they are doing to people who can’t out earn inflation. They know the suffering their policies have caused. Some of them even revel in the pain they are causing others. Honest people are stuck in poverty and homelessness because of government monetary policy.


They will try to destroy bitcoin, no matter the good that Bitcoin does. No matter the benefits of Bitcoin sound money policy. Warren Buffet et al will use their wealth to lobby the government with the aim of destroying Bitcoin’s chances of reaching its full potential.


By debasing our money they declared war on us. By buying Bitcoin you have declared war on them.


We will win, eventually. Before then they will do everything to block Bitcoin from achieving its full potential.


edit: There are two crypto lobbyist groups in Washington: **and** 🗡 **WAR IS ON** 🗡


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  1. It’s not really a war and the poors will never win. At best a few if the poors will become the rich.

    Your average American Joe is living paycheck to paycheck and has no investments whatsoever. Even when BTC is a household word and it becomes apparent that it’s the last best hope to hold your value against inflation, your average fat dumb american won’t understand–and if they do–won’t have the money to buy any. The billionaire class has already bought some. the millionaire class will be ready to jump in at a moment’s notice. the poors will be the last, which is why they will stay poor.

    There is no class consciousness in america so describing it as a war between “us” and “them” is totally illogical. Bitcoin is better money for the world and it will change the game in new and exciting ways, but the game has just started. We don’t really know how this natural experiment will work out. But so far over 10,000 years of human history the rich have always gotten richer, I can’t see how BTC will change that fundamental law of wealth and human nature.

  2. Reality is they are at war between each others! When you have control, you want more and you don’t want someone else to have control. (That’s what leads to wars btw, so we are not at war, we are free from control and Bitcoin does not care about anything outside its own world)

    They will destroy themselves, some will actually **embrace** Bitcoin, not try to stop it, because it will give them advantages over the competing governments / banks… Then it’s just game theory.

    This is why Bitcoin is inevitable. We don’t need to do anything, they are building their own graves. And they can’t prevent that from happening ha!

  3. I cringe so hard when I see these hyperbolic posts.

    Bitcoin is not going to remove the need for and existence of traditional banks. Most people who own it bought it through an exchange using a bank.

  4. “They will try to destroy bitcoin, no matter the good that Bitcoin does.”

    I mean this is just nonsense. They now own bitcoin and have been buying it for years. The FUD they’ve spread was merely calculated to bring the price down so they could load up with more. They won’t destroy it. They’ll just pretend they are trying to.

  5. I sold all of my stocks to buy Bitcoin. All dividend investing(4% yield), growth tech(law suits by fake ass lawyers) are all bs scams built by fake banking and painted beautifully by bad actors. Bitcoin is the future, soon it will be the black hole that suck out every other asset.

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