We are going to look back on this time as similar to when any disruptive technology comes into play and leaves people in the dust.

People’s outdated views and arguments as to why something will never become mainstream or won’t work are laughable now but will really be views as extremely short sighted and beyond hilarious in the future.

“Cybercriminals can steal your bitcoins from you and from exchanges” – People, banks, etc. have been the target of crime since the dawn of currency. Terrible argument. Especially considering how secure Bitcoin is. Look up the SHA 256 algorithm and leave a comment if you think banks can top this security. Maybe I’m wrong but from what I’ve read the encryption is nearly unbreakable even hundreds of years into the future and it can be updated for further future proofing.

“It’s Volatile” – Yes it does have short term volatility but since it’s inception it just smashes it’s previous lows and continues to go [up.]( It’s still young and restless but as the market cap grows it will become more stable.

Bitcoin is a mirage, it is tied to nothing tangible” – And the paper in your pocket or the 1’s and 0’s that represent the paper in your pocket? What about that?

Bitcoin isn’t an efficient currency, it’s cumbersome, there are fees, etc.” – Last time I checked gold is pretty fucking heavy. Right now bitcoin doesn’t need to be an “efficient” currency to succeed. It already has successfully proven itself as a store of value and then it can become a currency at another point when it’s called into that action.

A Nobel prize winning economist on NPR today just dead ass serious said “We already have money, what’s so special about Bitcoin? Well it’s only special in our imagination” – I’m going to chalk this up as a lack of oxygen in his brain.

“iT’s raT pOiSoN” – Ok boomer.

People often can’t see what’s right in front of them and they are tied down by the past. The car was an absolute game changer and before that people getting around on horses could not imagine this possibly. The internet was the same. Literally it was not going to be the next bing thing people said. Now it is everything. There are countless other examples.

Nothing is ever possible until suddenly it is.

We are growing exponentially faster into the future and this is just one more thing people can’t understand. Bitcoin has infinite possibilities and things we never could imagine.

The disruption has been building and the future is here.

TLDR: I’m not an expert but I like Bitcoin and none of the arguments I’ve heard so far hold water.

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  1. I don’t care about any of these naysayers. They represent the old guard and they are desperately trying to stop a leak in their sinking ship.

    They will fail, just as their system has failed billions of people.

    Good riddance.



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