We are in a Crab Market, and here’s what that means.

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#What is a Crab Market?

A Sideways Marker or as some have started calling it, a “Crab Market” is similar to a bull or bear market except that instead of going up or down it goes sideways.

Many of us expect the price to go up and some of us expecte
it to go down. When crypto investors can decide if they’re paying too much or too little for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XLM.. the price can potentially stall, this my newbie friend, is a sideways market.

This is important to know because at any moment people might decide to continue with the bull market meaning right now it could be a good time to buy before it rises.

The past week has been in my opinion been a good example of what a Crab Market looks like. The price has been pretty much static with BTC oscillating between 45k and 48k, which for Bitcoin is as stable as it gets.

#Are we in a Crab Market?

In my nonprofessional opinion, this could be the *calm before the storm.*

I’ve already upped my position and am thinking of adding more capital into it, because once the average Joe realizes there’s money to be made and potentially turning 1k into 10k quickly, they’ll flood the market inflating the price even more.

#But, how can I benefit from this “Crab Market”?

Good question! A Crab Market removes most uncertainty in the price. You can count on the fact that the price is currently presenting resistance at $45-48k so you might want to buy at that range and then wait for it to rise to $50k and sell for some profit, *OR* You could also buy @$45k and HODL to the moon knowing that the price will likely stay at $45k+ for the following hours/days.


The Crab Market seems to be the calm before the craziest bull market that’s to come!

The sideways graph is a perfect entry point for anyone interested in buying more before the market *potentially* bulls to the moon.

Disclaimer: I’m not to say the market will only go up, it could go down or stay like this for weeks. Either way I think it’s a good entry point since it’s stayed like it is for some odd days now.

Edit: added disclaimer.

edit 2: down vote if it makes you feel good.


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