We need better leadership in crypto. Which voices do you think deserve more attention? Who do you follow and trust?

Last week everyone around here(including me) went crazy with the Tim Ferriss’s episode with Naval and Vitalik. Deservedly so, of course: these dudes are likely some of the world’s smartest people right now and they’re incredibly involved in blockchain.

However, I was thinking that it is a shame that there are not so many people capable of exciting the masses like this. Elon Musk knows how to get people excited, but he rarely says much of actual value for the space besides DOGE to the moon,BTC is the future, blah blah. Pompliano is a mindless shill. Mcafee… well.

I think we could all really benefit from having and paying more attention to figures that are likely to say valuable things, build stuff that matters, and set newbies on the right track. I struggle to think of many, tho.

Do you guys follow/know anyone that fits this? I’ll be looking into getting them on [my tiny crypto podcast]( to give them a space to speak. Hopefully with baby steps like this we can build an audience for more people with something to say.

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  1. Only a matter of time before it’s said, the obligatory [Andreas Antonopoulos]( He’s firmly in a leadership position and many know it, though, so maybe not quite what you’re asking. Mentioning it, though, in case anyone reading isn’t familiar with his advocacy.

  2. Leadership is contrary to crypto concept. Leadership means centralizing on one opinion. You shouldnt trust and follow a single guy. You should just listen and read. And do it from crowds, from people.

  3. Wouldn’t be that be a kind of centralization? Some entities which can set the direction of crypto, pretty unsure about that. I feel like there are a lot of people you can learn from, get their thoughts and make your own decision for your own future. Look for example at Brendan Eich, brilliant Guy in my opinion but somehow biased towards his ideas.

  4. Andreas Antonopoulos is the guy I look up to the most in the crypto space probably. Instead of buying and obtaining as many bitcoins as possible to get rich, he remained active in the bitcoin community, educating and helping newbies. Furthermore, he turned down a handful of positions on projects so that he can educate and write books.



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