We NEED the Saylor vs Guistra Debate – Would be good for all!


**You can’t watch Sailor or Guistra without having mad respect for both. Both are smart savvy investors and I think a debate would be outstanding. I hope Saylor reconsiders and takes on the debate. It’s not about win or lose. It’s just discussing the merits of each. I think most/all would agree both are valuable asset classes and neither are going away.**

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  1. guistra is disingenuous. he straight up wants to have a debate, he doesn’t want to learn anything – that’s not a debate in good faith. this is about “gotcha” style journalism. he’s trying to feed off of the attention michael has been getting.

    michael gains nothing from this debate. he’s made billions off of his initial investment, he orange pilled elon, his bitcoin conference has onboarded thousands of cfo’s from corporations. he doesn’t need to justify his position in bitcoin to anyone anymore.

    gold’s performance has been flat during the financial crisis and bitcoin has taken all of the thunder.

  2. All Saylor is gna do is make 2 points, which I believe are irrefutable.

    1. Buying gold would be betting against human ingenuity.

    2. Gold inflates at 2% a year, what do you think will happen in 25 years? Also, everyone boasts about golds history, hasn’t it just been inflating at 2% over the last 1000 years tho?



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