Wells Fargo begins offering cryptocurrency to clients


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  • Wells Fargo begins offering cryptocurrency to clients
  • Says it is cautious of regulatory issues

The cryptocurrency industry keeps growing remarkably. In an outstanding development for the space, multinational financial services firm Wells Fargo has rolled out Bitcoin and other crypto services for its wealthy clients.

According to a Business Insider report, the San Francisco-based firm that offers mortgage products, banking, and investment service to customers will now also provide Bitcoin service for upscale customers.

This new development makes Wells Fargo the latest multinational organization to roll out support for digital currency. As the crypto space has recently recorded the addition of several major firms into the crypto space.

In a statement, Darrell Cronk, president of the Wells Fargo research division, disclosed that the firm has been actively looking to unveil a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency strategy to some of its clients that qualified for the service.

He noted that Wells Fargo was embracing crypto because of the positive feedback from its global investment strategy team. According to him, the bank, as a result of the growing crypto space and the massive Bitcoin market cap, was going to offer crypto services to specific clients until further notice.

Although he did not reveal how the bank was going to offer its wealthy clients Bitcoin and other crypto services, Cronk noted that the cryptocurrency industry has gotten to the point of maturation where its development has allowed it to be classed as a viable asset for investors.

Wells Fargo is cautious of cryptocurrency regulatory issues – Cronk

Speaking further on Wells Fargo’s move to start offering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies services, Cronk, president of the bank research division, revealed that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were cautious due to their regulatory issues.

He noted that until the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves a Bitcoin ETF, the bank will energetically manage crypto strategy and only provide Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offerings to limited qualified investors.

Additionally, Cronk stated that Wells Fargo would put in place several components to protect clients from risks that might develop as a result of investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to the changing landscape of the crypto space.

Notably, Wells Fargo’s global investment strategy team’s statement on the investment reason for cryptocurrencies is a testament to their understanding of Bitcoin’s supply and scarcity dynamics.

It is worth noting that Wells Fargo joins the likes of JPMorgan Chase, who is also preparing to let some select clients invest in actively managed funds for the first time. As well as Morgan Stanley became the first big US financial institution to offer wealth management clients with high-risk tolerance access to Bitcoin funds.

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