We’re Averaging 2000~ New Subscribers Daily – Complex “Welcome Letter”

###Hello beginners, hello veterans, hello mods, hello **EVERYONE!**

Since I can’t execute the flair commands to apply, bear in mind, that this post is meant to be **EDUCATIONAL**.

Firstly, I would like to *thank everyone* for their participating in the process of really fast growing community. With these numbers, we will see 2 million subscriber mark beaten in April.
Since 01/01/2021 we’re averaging **2,000** new subscribers daily. That’s what I call HODL. All green. It’s really nice to see this whole cryptocurrency community growing this fast, and surely soon, we will see a new **ATH**.
Without you guys, without your contributing to this community, without your activity, it would not be possible to reach this milestone. **Thank You!**

To everyone, that just came to this subreddit, that just stumbled upon crypto currencies, that just discovered the *world* of crypto.

**Welcome! Willkomen! Bienvenue!**

I hope, that you will find this wonderful subreddit helpful, interesting, educational, informative and for sure, funny. With a *pinch of salt* of course.

*Many of us, are here to help you becoming a better cryptocurrency student, to help you during the dark times, to teach you something new, to give you helping hand during bull/bear cycles. We’re here to introduce you to this futuristic thing called*

I managed to find one letter, paper from the
**Book Of Cryptocurrency Commandments** – ^( *it’s not real okay? Okay guys? Chill.* )
And I’m sharing it with **YOU!** ( I will look for more letters in the future from this **Holy Book** )

###**DISCLAIMER: If you click on blue text, the miracle will happen, miracle so strong, that you will have to skip your Eastern Holidays and educate yourself instead. Poof!**

>*Dear frienditor, I am an average Joe.*

>*When you come here first time, you saw everyone talking about [DCA]( and [HODL](*. *You saw everyone mentioning [bull]( and [bear]( cycles*. *Everyone suggested [DYOR]( to you, and [how to do it](
to prevent fall into all kinds of [traps](* *What about [FUD](* ? *What about [2FA](* ? *And what about [probability of getting rich ?](*. *Do not listen to [trolls](* *“Where can I buy crypto currencies?”* *someone asked*. *You have to choose a decent [exchange](*. *Try to* **avoid** *the [exchanges]( that are doing* **shady stuff!** *Which [coin]( should I pick*? *Isn’t [Bitcoin]( ) the safest* ? *Or [Ethereum](* ? *Isnt it better to go into [altcoins]( )* ? *What about [DOGE](* ?
*You gotta find the answers, on your [own](, and decide, what suits you the best and your expectations*. *If you finally made a trade, you would like to [secure]( ) your money*. *You can leave them on [exchange]( ,or transfer them to [wallet](*. *You need to [protect]( ) your money. You really don’t want to get [Mt.Gox’d](*.

>**Don’t forget to pay your** [taxes]( !

>*Try to stay away from [Pump And Dumps]( [Leverage trading]( ) ! Don’t touch it even with a 10 feet pole. There are some ways of [obtaining some cryptocurrencies for FREE]( ! If you stumble across some weird words like [ELI5, TLT, ATL, etc..](, don’t worry, you will get used to it. What is [Staking]( ? What about [PoS]( and [PoW]( ? *What’s [DeFi]( ) ?* “But OP! What are these* **cookies** *that you have besides your name ?” These are [MOONs](*. *You can [buy]( them too ! Try not to [FOMO]( and invest only what you can afford to lose.*
*Be prepared for the [crashes](*. *Sometimes it’s better to put down your pink glasses to see things realistically*. *Look for [lessons]( that can help you become a better investor. [Analysis of a coin ? No problem](*.

>*Trust me*, *[you’re not late to the party](*. *We’re still an [early adopters]( ) of crypto in general.*


*I hope that you find this post useful in some way ! I wish all of you, all the best in your future investments, less panicking over dips, take care guys, stay in green !*

Peace out !


EDIT: The book is not real, OK? ( not real yet )

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  1. I was gonna say this is a great idea for newcomers, then I read it, and thought to myself, this seems overwhelming, maybe this isn’t a good idea. Then I thought, wait a minute crypto is extremely overwhelming, this letter is a good idea lol.

  2. Glad someone is helping out all the new people among us! Been here awhile and I’ve seen a lot of people complaining lately about the new people, so it’s nice some are helping!



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