Whales added 96,000 bitcoin in the past three weeks while weak hands were selling in fear of sub $30,000 btc

Whales added 96,000 bitcoin in the past three weeks while weak hands were selling in fear of sub $30,000 btc

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  1. Its actually quite comical to watch. The bear trap works every time. At every drop and the higher the frequency and duration of the bear trap, the more holders become fearful and start selling. Its quite sad to see folks not have enough faith in their investment to actually hold long. I mean BTC is not going anywhere, massive money is buying into BTC. What makes anyone think their BTC is never going to move back into the ATH’s again.


    I guess thats why only a few ever really do well and some do mediocre, while many never enjoy real life changing money.


    I know what im doing. HODL’DING. I will never let go of my crypto until its valuable enough for me to let it go.

  2. Oh please. No one knows who these accounts belong to. Imagine a report coming out tomorrow showing of the top 100 wallets, 95 of them belong to exchanges. This would mean that they are just buying and selling more coins as orders come in. Let’s not get too sucked into this “whale” narrative.

  3. It must be me. A tycoon makes a couple of comments and China bans crypto again and the market halves.
    A country takes bitcoin on as a monetary system, banks buy huge swathes of crypto making the rest rarer (I presume) and yet the market still tumbles. What am I not getting?

  4. Such an echo zone. What probably actually happened was whales sold 110,000 bitcoin while *other whales* added 96,000. Y’all act like whales arent doing the selling too, always ignoring that part.

  5. If all these “whales” are loading up daily, weekly etc then how has that not increased the price like at all?

    If the market isn’t supply and demand and if fundamentals are completely irrelevant, what exactly are we investing in?


  6. Yeah I heard someone say that they had a thing where it would automatically sell if it fell below a certain threshold so it sold and I was like WHY??? WHY WOULD YOU SELL AT THE BOTTOM??? I don’t know much about investing, but I thought buy low, sell high was common sense, so why would someone do the exact opposite?

  7. when people bitch about the “unfairness” of the distribution of bitcoin you have no one to blame but yourself.

    even if bitcoin was evenly distributed, weak hand losers would sell their portion to whales anyways.

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