What a cunt

What a cunt

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  1. It’s kind of a bummer nntalebs tweets can’t be read unless you follow him on twitter.

    He does have some interesting youtube videos on non-bitcoin non-finance type topics. I think it’s too bad that he took such a hard turn against bitcoin.

    This is where someone is fighting their own ego :/

    The concept is “stay humble and stack sats”. If your ego is getting in the way of your success, you gotta bury the ego.

  2. While I appreciate Peter’s earnestness and acknowledge how shameful Nassim’s response is, Peter really showed how out of his depth he can be when interviewing public intellectuals the likes of Eric Weinstein who, frankly, made him look foolish. And that’s saying something as I don’t particularly agree with many of Eric’s viewpoints. But in that interview, Peter couldn’t even articulate why it is that he took issue with what was being asserted my Eric.

  3. Communists China Digital Yuan. He forgot to factor in the China Geo-politics aspect.
    Going forward economics is going to be very connected with China Communists policies.

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