What are the main drawbacks of/challenges with RGB

Here’s an overview: [](

Here are the docs: [](

I’m interested in the pros and cons of this kind of approach versus a Stacks or Liquid type layer 2. The articles above highlight the pros, so I’m interested in hearing the other side.

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  1. Architecture-wise it seems dramatically better. That said I’d say the biggest con (or maybe it’s a pro depending on perspective) is that once it launches any significant changes will not be backwards compatible. They really have to launch it in its final state so to speak, which brings up another con – it’s not done yet and using it in its current state acknowledgedes things will change and possibly break.

  2. I will be blunt: there are red flags with RGB. It is basically developed by one person who produces a lot of code, powerpoints and livestreams, but very little specifications. This is concerning since the main stated goal is to produce “protocols” (that is, specifications)

    So there is little scrutiny from other developers, since it is very difficult to know exactly what is implemented.

    Check for yourself here:

    You will find that most key specifications are in fact stubs, incomplete or missing.

    Compare them with how BOLTs are written…

  3. A lot of work has gone in and it’s great, and I want it to continue and thrive. I’ve watched a lot of the meetings and presentations and, does RGB need LN branding, RSK, Stacks, things can exist separately from LN.

    I realize there’s also vision for there to be a set of LN protocols, but maybe the first step is to build RGB, with collaborators hopefully, and then LNPBP can be something that evolves over a few years.

    Altcoins will never have legitimate claim to Bitcoin’s position in the market, because the circumstances in which Bitcoin came about can never be repeated, altcoins are simply attempts to inflate supply, seize control of coins and monetary policy.

    I think there is strong consensus in support of the 21 million coin limit, I wish people would focus on voting for that rather than buying random crap.

    RGB, Stacks, RSK, Elements are important because they allow innovative functionality to be experimented with without inflating the coin supply – Bitcoin needs that flexibility – I’m glad this experimentation has been happening, I just don’t want it to come at the cost of stable monetary policy, fair coin distribution, etc.

What do you think?

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