What does the r/Bitcoin community think about the future of BTC regarding the energy consumption concerns? Here is a good decrypt article about the issue

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  1. *energy correlates with human flourishing* .

    energy use is ***not*** synonymous with pollution.

    understand that people who disagree with bitcoin’s value proposition, are destined to conclude all bitcoin energy usage is wasteful. those people will never be convinced, and this will be a constant source of FUD and ideological propaganda.


  2. Bitcoin is a solution, not a problem.

    Bitcoin only uses one twentieth of one percent of all energy produced by man.

    Most of the energy used by Bitcoin is from renewable, clean sources (hydro, wind, etc.) Bitcoin promotes the transition to clean energy sources. Bitcoin helps clean up the planet.

    **IF** you’re concerned about the environment, that’s good, but you are wasting your time if you bicker about Bitcoin.



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