What is “Play-to-Earn” Gaming? – Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Tabloid

What is "Play-to-Earn" Gaming? - Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Tabloid

To think about all the ways that life has changed over the last twenty years thanks to the unprecedented rise in technology is a little overwhelming. At the turn of the century, cell phones were not as commonplace as they are now and people knew how to use a physical roadmap with a sense of confidence that is almost nonexistent nowadays. Everything from content creation and sharing, to connecting to loved ones has been impacted by the advancements in technology and communication.

One such area of this change has been the rise of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. While the majority of people may only know of this world as a set of buzzwords that don’t have any immediate impact on them, this is a growing part of the future of the internet. As this kind of technology and communication begin to gain popularity and following, NFF, Non-fungible Films, is an exciting new part of this pioneering movement. 

What is NFF?

In short, NFF is a fresh, and exciting movement that is pioneering the bridge between various forms of media and the future that is Web3. The internet as it is known now has seen unimaginable success due to the wide availability to support creators and share unique content. However, this system is flawed in a major way, in that a server-based internet, Web 2.0, is subject to the monopoly of giant tech.  

Web3 is built on concepts that the technology of the blockchain has made possible. Concepts like decentralized data and ownership create a truly open market across the entire globe. This has led to the rise of what is known as cryptocurrencies, a result of blockchain mining that creates ‘coins’ of different kinds that are unique to their specific blockchains. 

A blockchain itself does not, like the internet, live in one massive server, but instead populates computers across the globe. This brings about a shatteringly real decentralization of data, power, and democratization of choice and decision. Web3 has seen massive success over the last three years thanks to what is known as NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. 

An NFT is a tool that allows a digital piece of property, whether that be an image, video, or game, to be uniquely minted. Meaning, there can never be a duplicate. The ability to create NFTs empowers artists to truly own their own creations, create scarcity, and set a value on their work. 

How Does NFF Impact Web3?

NFTs work with the blockchain to create a signature and unique minting process that allows any digital property to have real-world value. Thanks to famous pop culture endorsements, this form of art and value has become more public over the last year. NFF is an effort to bridge important media like television, cinema, and gaming into this new world of Web3. This happens in a lot of different ways, including building a platform that supports artists who want to see their work in these media expand to Web3. 

What is Play-To-Earn Gaming

Creating an all-inclusive platform for artists to be empowered, and a community to grow that supports the creation of a multi-media metaverse is an ambitious and accomplishable dream. One of the ways that NFF is doing this is through play-to-earn gaming. 

Play-to-earn gaming is an exciting, creative, and intuitive way to teach people about cryptocurrency while engaging them in Web3. This happens through games that are based around NFTs, whether that’s playing NFT characters, or acquiring NFTs through gameplay. Either way, the concept is simple, the more you play, the more you learn, grow, and become familiar with the world of crypto. What’s more, is that because you are playing with NFTs, creating NFTs, and trading NFTs, the value for what you do in the game also grows. 

These games involve playing to earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs that actually have real-world value. The more players that invest in a particular play-to-earn title, the more value the NFTs will be worth. 

Is this Similar to Pay-to-Play Gaming?

Modern gaming can involve a frustrating pay-to-play strategy that typically employs microtransactions that are necessary to advance the game. This is fundamentally different, as there is the buy-in for the game in the form of cryptocurrency, but you are truly playing the game to add value, not the other way around. Rather than paying a price to play, you are playing something that grows in value the more you play it. 

The more a play-to-earn community grows, the higher its value and worth. What’s more, is that these games are also a blast to play, so this will quickly become one of your favorite investments to spend time in. 


As part of the NFF metaverse, play-to-earn gaming will empower creatives to make meaningful, real-world gaming experiences that will enrich entire communities. This not only represents real value but is also an incredibly fun way to introduce yourself to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs!

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