What is the benefit of using DAI if I must pay for a Stability Fee?

DAI is a decentralized stablecoin. You can find more about DAI at [CoinMarketCap](, at [Maker Whitepaper,]( and at [Maker Documents]( It is paired with USD, so 1 DAI = 1 USD.

However, I don’t understand the benefits of using DAI to save money, for example, if I have to pay a Stability Fee. It seems to me that the fee is expensive.

I was planning to buy DAI instead of buying USD on a regular exchange because i) buying DAI is simpler and ii) I don’t have to pay for the governmental taxes.

I am new to this subject. Do any of you have an answer?

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  1. You misunderstand the stability fee. If you are holding DAI you don’t pay the stability fee. People who MINT DAI by putting Crypto in a vault pay the stability fee against the amount they owe. Someone who mints $1000 DAI with a 5% stability fee will owe $1,050 DAI in a year.

    In essence people who MINT new DAI coins are borrowing against their crypto and then are free to do whatever they want with it (earn interest, buy more crypto, “cash out”, etc). They need to repay the amount of DAI they minted plus the stability fee as the amount they owe increases in realtime.

    **Short version is unless you are using the Maker DAO Vaults to mint new DAI you don’t need to worry about the stability fee.**

    Pretty sure DAI isn’t going to save you any taxes though but it isn’t going to cost you anything to hold it. It is a stablecoin pegged to the dollar.



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