What is the best way to onboard businesses to accept Bitcoin for payments?

Hi everyone!

This week I’ve been thinking about how to onboard more businesses to accept Bitcoin for payments.

What are the key selling points and sticking points? How can we help/encourage/incentivise passionate Bitcoiners (this probably includes you!) to make the case for accepting bitcoin to businesses in their local areas?

Crazy ideas welcome! 馃檪

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  1. Firstly, the trader needs to understand Bitcoin. I’ve thought about starting a Bitcoin information group where people from local businesses can meet up and discuss Bitcoin. I could be on hand to help educate them.
    I would need to understand a bit more about things, especially Lightning, as that’s what most businesses are likely to use.
    But I do think that in order to get business owners accepting Bitcoin, they would first need to have some kind of understanding of it.

  2. We do this every day. Here is the pitch to Filipino store owners on Boracay island.

    Defining terms: think lightning ramp to Filipino banks as Strike is to US banks.

    GCash- think PayPal for Filipino only.

    “ is like gCash. But gCash is for Filipino only. Pouch allows you accept payments from the foreign tourist that cone to the island also.

    With Pouch, what you invoice, is what you keep. So there are no fees like with credit cards.”

    Do a demo of Pouch to Pouch.

    Do a demo of “foreigner’s bitcoin wallet” to their Pouch. You make the invoice in pesos, you hold the balance in pesos.

    Do a demo of Pouch balance to banks.

    Sign them up. Make them QR code signs and other marketing. Add them to

    The discussion of Bitcoin is minimal, much like explaining e-mail to my auntie would not talk a lot about TCP-IP.

    I am happy to discuss bitcoin with those that are interested, but it really is not needed for first adoption.

  3. Tell them that Bitcoin is person to person, no middleman. My wallet pays the merchant’s wallet, like cash currency, except that Bitcoin coins have no attack surface for COVID-19

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