What is the dominant Political Ideology of Crypto community? [Survey]

I was reading through some of the posts in the community and there was an interesting comment suggesting that someone should do a survey about what political ideology is dominating the crypto community, so I thought to myself: “Yes, please”.

Considering how many different political ideologies are there and in order to avoid creating 30-40 options to select, I decided to group them together based on how relatively ‘close’ they are.

For example, I grouped Libertarianism and Minarchism together even if they are not the ‘same’ per se.

The results are, of course, public as well.


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  1. It’s kinda stupid, since you can call yourself anything and still be pro crypto, pro freedom of speech etc. You can mark anything by your ideology so it fits.

    Majority of people here are anti statists, because one would never like an idea of private censorship free currency any government has no control of.

  2. If I am to make a guess based on the survey, I think quite a few of those that chose Democratic Socialism, actually are Social Democrats that dont understand the difference. This is purely anecdotal.

  3. This will be interesting to see what political ideology people “think or claim” they are.

    Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people, especially in the US, have no clue what most of the ideologies you listed really mean. Most people today just pick a political brand or a single cause issue and play team politics without really knowing what the fundamental principles of that ideology are. One of the best ways to identify a closet capitalist is to tax a socialist!

  4. Historically I think was leaning towards mostly Libertarians and Ancaps however in recent years we’ve been flooded by Lefty’s including socialists which is crazy. I have no idea why a socialist would want to have anything to do with cryptocurrency. It undermines all of their goals.

  5. I’m not really any of those. I’m a progressive free market capitalist. I think the government should come down strong against any business that breaks the rules (as opposed to the wrist slap they get now. Wells-Fargo should have been fined 3 or 4 years worth of profits at least so the shareholders would have voted the entire board out) but leave the market alone.

    BUT, I’m fairly liberal on the social side of things. If two guys or two gals want to get married, I don’t feel it’s anyone’s business except the happy couples.



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