What is your view on brain wallets.

Seriously, your personal view, let’s not talk about other people not being able to chose a password, speak your mind. Cheers.

EDIT: here is the juice

Bitcoin 101 – Fun with Brain Wallets (Making and Playing With Them) – Bitcoin Security – [](

“if you are pwned while using ‘brainwallets’, simply shows that your brain is defective < no need to test this hypothesis the result is known”

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  1. I forget shit all the time.

    No early onset dementia, just that I cram my head full of shit, something falls out the other side.I wouldn’t trust my own brain to retain the necessary steps to breathe, let alone several words to access my wealth.

    Also, you’re at risk of the Monkey Wrench brute force mechanism.
    Take a blow to the head, forget your wallet phrase, your coins are permanently gone

  2. What about estate planning? Whats happens if you die unexpectedly (hopefully not for a long time)? Unable to pass coins on to loved ones? There is solutions out there for estate planning and crypto, but not sure how brain wallets allow for estate planning.

  3. Heres the problem. Lets say theres an absolutely brutal crash and you; along with most; lose complete interest for a few years. Then you wake up one day to discover the entire market is up 1,000+%. Only now its been so long since you’ve logged in or accessed any of your accounts you don’t remember any of them. This has happened to countless people. Unexpected things happen in life all the time that take us away from our interest. Why not just protect yourself? Write down your seeds and passwords, buy a fireproof safe and put them in.

  4. This works for me best.I have a 12 word seed. Which is about 4+ years old. And not only have I memorized it, every few weeks I will remind myself the words. So at this point, this is my long term wallet, that I will likely hold for the rest of my life. It also has a ‘passphrase’ which has more than 20 characters. All these are not written anywhere, but are memorized.

    I would say that this is very risky though, if you are not careful. Even if you memorize 12 words today(and the passphrase), if you don’t repeat yourself in few weeks etc, you will almost certainly FORGET them, and that has definitely happened to people. So I’m sticking with this system because it works for me, but would want people to be careful about this specific pitfall, that you can forget the words easily if you don’t repeat them to yourself every once in a while. This needs some sort of attention/discipline.

  5. Lol i didnt know there was a word for it.. thats what ive been doing, my wallet only exists as a memory. Saved the address to my clipboard so i can send sats to it. Im working out a contingency though in case my brain gets smashed in though

  6. Old fashioned brain wallets such as WarpWallet are obsolete now, replaced by memorising the seed words. Brain wallets are a good way to get wealth across borders, but very bad for long term storage.

  7. Memorizing your 12 or 24 words seed is very different from using a so called brain wallet. That’s not just like choosing a weak password!!
    In my opinion, everyone should memorize their seed AND back it up in a safe place.

  8. For a second I thought it was a new wallet that I haven’t heard of yet, lol.
    The only issue is that it’s not forgiving when you forget your seeds.
    I recently came across a new type of seed storage on twitter, where you pick a pattern from the Bip words and it’s lot easier to memorise patters than memorising the words.

  9. Two thoughts:

    1. Anyone suggesting it is difficult to remember 24 words is in desperate need of brain exercise. Go join a community theater or something. Memorizing 24 words shouldn’t take you more than an afternoon.
    2. Definitely memorize those words, but *do not* only rely on your memory. You could suffer a brain injury. You could literally die. You need a backup plan.

    That said, nothing will give you peace of mind like knowing you are carrying your money in your head everywhere you go.

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