What prevents the blockchain from being vulnerable to a traditional hack/virus?

I’ve been reading []( and it’s super informative. I understand how the security/integrity of the blockchain is maintained because it’s nearly impossible to chain a block because it’d require untold computing power to recalculate the entire blockchain faster than the rest of the network, etc.

But that’s useful to know why **playing within the rules of the system** makes it hard to disrupt the blockchain.

But at the end of the day, the blockchain is still just a **big file** that is distributed/duplicated across millions of computers.

So what is stopping some **Fancy New Virus** from simply targeting and attacking all of these machines (en masse) and corrupting/replacing/affecting the entire file? The filesize of most public blockchains aren’t even that big, certainly not hard for a modern virus/malware to rapidly rewrite it..

Certainly you could imagine that if a bot/virus network managed to slip malware on enough miner machines over the course of many years without them knowing, if you ever managed to affect 50%+ of those machines, you could instantly rewrite the entire blockchain file on all of them and chaos would ensue.

I guess my point is, at the end of the day, we’re still talking about a file on your filesystem and the real integrity is that there is software making sure it’s consistent across a whole network.

But we’ve seen that any file is susceptible to attack as long as it’s on a file system.

I imagine this has been solved for but I see zero information on how… thoughts?

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