What to say when people ask if BTC can go down to ZERO!

It is easy to think of some of the worst cases for bitcoin – bugs in the code, government bans, and more. If these were to occur, could it drive the price of bitcoin down to zero?

Probably not. Even some of the worst-case scenarios for bitcoin still wouldn’t cause it to crash to zero.


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  1. Roll your eyes and walk away. The odds of that happening are about the same as Jesus rising and the rapture happening and if someone is convinced that that is coming there is no reasoning with them.

  2. BTC could only go down to zero if demand, competition, and hashrate both go to zero. It would take an EMP from an low altitude nuclear blast coordinated around the world for that to happen. What’s possible, but not really probable is that a government actor grows in capacity to carry out a 51% attack. But they would have to gain a solid %60-70 share to make that ability sustainable for more than a day. Even without executing said attack, having that loom over the currency would undermine the confidence of bitcoin and would greatly affect the demand and balance of hashrate.



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