What’s going on??

What’s going on??

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  1. I am no expert, but it looks like you have a long green line running vertically on your screen. If you find this alarming I would recommend turning off your computer and reading a good book.

  2. I guess there is nothing to worry about or getting surprised about all this stuff because it’s normal and nothing special we all have seen some gains in bear market so what so good about it?

  3. The Fed was due to increase interest rates and we didn’t know if it would be 100 or 75 basis points. Market priced in 75 and 75 came out so bullish reaction from the market and BTC. If 100 came out it would have been the opposite.

  4. Looks like the end of bear market and yes I am being wrong here because it’s not the end it’s this another thing we see each and every week hope you will just ignore it and hold and DCA.

  5. Is that something use or something like that because I don’t think so it’s not a big deal and we should behave like a normal holder we are here to hold and that’s it I hope people are not thinking about selling it.

  6. Inflation is way above 10% and still rising and fed is rising rates like 0,5 per month lol..

    It’s hilarious… What ever I’m buying more bitcoin and keeping a money puffer for rising food & energy prices so I don’t have to sell Satoshis.

  7. Mother, mother

    There’s too many of you crying

    Brother, brother, brother

    There’s far too many of you dying

    You know we’ve got to find a way

    To bring some loving here today, yeah

  8. The rates came out, and they were what everyone expected… so obviously they didn’t really expect what they expected.

    The market expected the unexpected and got punished for it, because what they expected actually happened.

  9. I’ll try to explain it simply, but it’s pretty technical. You see, right now, more people are buying than selling, which makes the price go up. Sometimes it does this and you see the pretty green candles of joy.

    Sometimes there are more people selling than buying, which makes the price go down. This makes the sad red candles of despair.

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