What’s so wrong with the world? (And how crypto can help us solve it)

What’s so wrong with the current system

After some months of research, I still consider myself a beginner, however, here is a summary of my thoughts about how crypto proposes a unique new system and why I believe it is revolutionary and extremely powerful:

We don’t play by the same rules.

This thought arrived to my mind like a little spark while thinking about the distribution of wealth and power: We are not playing by the same rules.

They can launder massive amounts of money and avoid taxes. We can’t even trade our crypto without constantly worrying about taxes. They can think and talk whatever they want. We are repressed and killed when we try to expose their shit. They can decide for us. We vote for the people that we want to be part of the government, but we don’t make the decisions. That’s not real democracy.

When a player is cheating, the other players must force him to play by the rules! That’s the only way to play fairly.

How they managed to get their advantage:

By literally being parasites, stealing our wealth and energy. Think about how banks get a “small” fee of every transaction. They even charge us for giving them our money, and they use it to create gross amounts of debt. In a dirty and inefficient way, there are middlemen for the middlemen, and each of them take their part. Looks small for us, but multiplied by trillions it’s enough for building and maintaining their rotten system.

By stealing the wealth generated by our work, they can accumulate enough power for breaking the rules.

Cash isn’t bad for itself. It has lots of advantages. It’s private, you can do person to person transactions, it’s a means of consensus and exchange and a store of value. What is wrong is the system that generates it and controls it. They claim to be absolute, unquestionable experts about politics, finance and economics, but their fancy models are built for lab conditions and not for the real world.

The result: Insane levels of inflation, massive amounts for debt that is not meant to be paid, several economic crises all over the world, unfair distribution of wealth, imposition of politics that favor the top 2%, monopolies, inflated markets, waste and severe environmental damage. The list goes on.

How can crypto help to solve these problems?

1.- Cutting the middleman

Cryptocurrencies, by their trustless nature, can be traded peer to peer, without relying on centralized third parties for creating transactions

2.- Decentralization

The nodes of the crypto networks are run by their users in different countries and don’t require a central entity in order to operate, creating an open and safe system without a single point of failure. By being decentralized, they prevent central authorities from accumulating resources and power

3.- Privacy

By being anonymous/pseudonymous, cryptocurrencies don’t care about who you are or your status as a person, religion, available funds, taxes, political ideologies, nationality, etc. They are open for everyone and they won’t pursue you or shut down your account because of your personal human condition. You can be your own bank.

Because of these characteristics, crypto empowers the majority of people, not just the top 2%, and can contribute to create a more fair and equal system for everyone.

I know there’s a lot of material about this, but I consider each particular point of view valuable and I like to read multiple sources in order to get a wider perspective, also I think that all newcomers to crypto should think about it, so I wrote it for you. Feel free to correct me if I got something wrong or to elaborate on any of the points. Actually feel free to do anything, we were designed to be free beings after all!

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  1. Yeah I feel like crypto has a lot of applications, sending amounts of money cheap and fast, earning high rates with DEFi, and being in control of your own money are some of the many different applications



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