What’s the difference between a public key WIF and a wallet public master key?

I’m reading this high level Python documentation below. There’s two different xpub generators, I’m confused what the difference between the two are and if there are any security issues from choosing between one or the other.

>>> from bitcoinlib.wallets import wallet_create_or_open

>>> w = wallet_create_or_open(“testwallet”)

>>> w.public_master().wif

>>> ‘xpub6CtwmQ9FUa72oD55Eu2544aq1dbKA2nBwuk7KbjE5p6CZzt97h9ea5hUGiZ73AN6nXQKAJb7XSFo7zNrs8Ci6eBYB1ba1eH4xnFXVdqudYC’

>>> k = w.get_key()

>>> k.public().wif

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