What’s your all time favorite bitcoin related podcast interview?

My favorite ever is between Raoul Pal (the CEO of Real Vision) and Michael Saylor (the CEO of MicroStrategy) as they spend 2 captivating hours discussing what led them to dump their companies entire liquid net worth into Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Infiltrates Corporate America (w/ Michael Saylor and Raoul Pal)

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  1. Yes. That interview was a wake up call for me. It fully crystallized all the intellectual arguments about Bitcoins “store of value” proposition (in relation to the 500+ alt coins in the cryptocurrency universe). All the tumblers “clicked” during this interaction allowing me to see the next 25 years (and how capital warehousing was never going to be the same again). Ever.

    The interview rocked me to the core. I guess most people will miss 90% of what Micheal was saying and that’s a shame.

    Michael’s thesis (coupled with the systematic corruption of the worldwide Central Bankers inability to find a monetary solution to our problems which did not include printing trillions of dollars and chucking them out of a helicopter) was spot on target.

    Every Fortune 500 CFO who saw this interaction is right now blankly staring out his office window trying to find his balls to make the decision to put 25% of his companies cash into Bitcoin in the next 60 days.



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Whale Alert: $4,500,000,000 in Bitcoin Moved in Historic Transfer – Here's Who's Behind the Curtain

Whale Alert: $4,500,000,000 in Bitcoin Moved in Historic Transfer – Here’s Who’s Behind the Curtain