When you buy both ETH and ADA

When you buy both ETH and ADA

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  1. Sure gas fees are high. But ada being 3th on market cap without any running dapps on it is just ludicrous. Dumped my whole Ada bag in eth near the top yesterday. Also development doesn’t happen in a heartbeat and I still believe in first mover advantage.

  2. ADA is a competitor to XRP, in that regards its highly superior. I am very happy ada is having its day.
    but how the hell would it compare to ETH? Because charlie helped create both? Eth invented smart contract language and ada has been promising it for years (spoiler alert, not implemented yet)

  3. See the best thing to do is to bet on the one you like the least, if you win the bet you make money, even if you lose your favorite project succeeds it’s a win win either way



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