When you install a Bitcoin miner on your work office pc

When you install a Bitcoin miner on your work office pc<a title="" class="aalmanual" target="_blank" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/ms2hcz/when_you_install_a_bitcoin_miner_on_your_work/

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  1. Many years ago a few guys in our IT department were found to be running a Napster server with thousands of music files. They got fired within minutes and were escorted out the door. A few years ago one of our finance guys noticed a large electricity bill and it was discovered that a few guys in the IT department were running ASIC miners in the server room. They were fired within minutes, escorted out the door, and had the excess electricity bill deducted from their final paycheck.

  2. We are able to detect Bitcoin mining software when our users try to install them on our super computers. They are removed in seconds and we let the user know that’s not allowed, even though they already knew that.

  3. What I am looking for is a sissy slave to own. I will understand if you have family and business obligations and our meetings will only be scheduled. I believe what is important is how well we explore and get fulfillment from playing our roles no matter the amount of time

  4. You literally can’t mine a viable amount of Bitcoin without a large scale rig (dozens of GPUs) mining to a pool or an ASIC miner… How’s that 0.00000000000001 bitcoin treating you?




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