Where to buy Nike stock today

Where to buy Nike stock today

Nike price is up nearly 69% over the past two years, with its market capitalisation increasing to over $215 billion.

Nike Inc. (NKE) closed at $136.46 during the trading session on Monday, slightly below its previous close of $136.52. The outlook in premarket trades is positive though, with deals up 0.98% as prices look upwards of $137.

As of 01 June 2021, Nike has a PE Ratio of $64.37. This means the stock doesn’t come cheap for new investors. But why would one still look to buy NKE?  Find out below. But first, here is where to go if you want to buy Nike (NKE).

Where to buy Nike (NKE)


eToro is the leading social trading platform that supports all the major financial instruments in the market today. With registered offices in the UK, the US, Cyprus, and Mexico, eToro has helped millions of investors make the best of available trading opportunities. It is easy to use eToro from anywhere in the world. Just open an account and start trading.

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Capital is a  broker platform that offers 24-hour support. The company’s track record is excellent, with its product offering growing to currently encompass over 300 different assets cutting across forex, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies.

New investors looking to trade stocks like Nike (NKE) can easily do so by opening a trading account. Join Capital to access all the major global indices and shares.

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Is Nike (NKE) a buy?

A look at the price chart shows that Nike’s year-to-date performance is -3.54% as of writing. But the stock is still up more than 38% over the past year and nearly 69% over the past two years.

New investors will note that Nike’s dividend payouts increased over 19 straight years, one of the best companies in that period. There’s even more positivity despite the dip in sales over the past two quarters, especially with plans for a resumption of share repurchases in quarter four 2021 coming as a timely move.

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