Where to Buy xxxNifty – The Adult NFT Marketplace

Where to Buy xxxNifty - The Adult NFT Marketplace

xxxNifty has seen its price grow by almost 60% in the last week.

As NFT collectibles continue to develop and grow as a concept, there will likely be emerging platforms that seek to specialise in particular niches within the newly emerging digital-collection space.

The last year or so has been discussed widely in the pandemic’s impact on the planet and human society. This includes the rise of sites like Onlyfans, where models can sell adult content directly to their audience in a more bespoke way that really gets some guys (and gals) going it seems.

Now if you think the idea of owning an NFT token of someone’s nudes sounds far-fetched, it is estimated that Onlyfans models made $390 million in the year from November 2019 according to a report by the Financial Times — so there are people that take this kind of thing very seriously.

Some of the top models could expect to sell original NFTs of popular content for top dollar to their more committed fans, hence leading to a possible demand for platforms like xxxNifty.

Where can I buy xxxNifty?


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What makes xxxNifty (NSFW) a possible buy chance right now?

NFSW, for those not aware, stands for ‘not safe for work’. This is a popular acronym online, so the proposed use cases for adult NFTs combined with the project’s possible “memeability” may lead to further gains for the project.

Since the project’s all time low last month, xxxNifty’s price has risen by a huge 6,618% to its current price today.

To put this in perspective, a purchase at today’s prices could be a very profitable move if the coin continues to grow in the long term due to the coin’s relatively low price at the time of writing at $0.00012451. Therefore if the price rose to just $1, then a $100 investment would result in a gain of 803048%.

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