Which coin outside top 100 Marketcap do you think have the best partnerships? (2018). 2021 Update.

There was a thread from 3 years ago titled ***”Which coin outside top 100 Marketcap do you think have the best partnerships?”*** on Reddit. The thread was created on **Jan 23, 2018**; and the subreddit was at its peak right before the great dip that started the bear market.

I saved that thread during that period to study those coins. After the great dip happened, and we entered the bear market, I didn’t make any moves. I went to revisit the thread, and picked some of the top comments and the mentioned coins.

*Note: on partnerships were just based on comments. You’d need to DYOR to confirm it.*

Where are the coins now? Let’s see…


[2018 v 2021 Coin Ranks and Market Cap Comparison](

Most of the coins mentioned in that thread have fallen quite drastically in terms of both rank, and market cap. LINK and ENJ are the only 2 coins I found to have found a firm place in the market today.

So, for the 2021 version: *Which coin outside top 100 Marketcap do you think have the best partnerships?*

Edit: I don’t know what Flair to use for this.

Edit 2: If you’re commenting a coin that’s kinda new, would appreciate if you could mention briefly on their current promising partnership. It does help the readers to consume the information quite a bit.


1. The OG Thread: Which Coins Outside Top 100: [](
2. Historical Snap Shot: Coinmarketcap: 21/01/2018[](

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  1. WABI, Rank #489, MC $76 mil

    Believe it is a true gem in the making. Founders are very dilligent and motivated, based in China, started solving problem of fake products after they got poisoned by fake whisky. Created tamper-proof NFC stickers that users can scan to confirm origin and receive loyalty points. Since then expanded to Japan, Australia and Europe. Went beyond just supply chain token and evolved into ecosystem for brand loyalty points and AI driven marketing, tapping into larger marketing budgets.

    Key Partnerships with:
    – Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. [link](
    – Odakyu, one of largest department stores in Japan. [link](
    – Rakuten (Amazon of Japan). [link](
    – Nestlé Australia. [link](
    – Participant in MUFG digital innovation accelerator program. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group is the largest bank in Japan. [link](

  2. Partnerships? Man. If it’s not OMI of MATIC I don’t know what is. OMI already has dc comics, back to the future, ghostbusters, Batman, adventure time Cartoon Network, ultra man, so fricking many it’s wild. Matic is right up there too in the ETH space For scaling and now defi and getting into lending by powering AAVE.

  3. SHR. ShareRing.

    Partners: Tencent, Rakuten, Viator, ID2020, Thailand government, possibly Australian government. Really curious to see how they pan out. Not a well-known entity in the West but looking poised for a big presence in Asia.

    Edit: I didn’t read the post and didn’t realize this post wasn’t asking. Too bad.

  4. People are going to downvote this and call me crazy


    It has survived nearly 8 years and has appreciated in price more than any coin since it went live in dec 2013 at .0001-.0002

    It has survived the bear years of 2014 2015 2016 2018-2020 and has come out higher and more popular each time.

    You can look all that info up on coin gecko



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