Who owns The Mona Lisa?

So [I’m selling the Mona Lisa]( as an NFT on OpenSea, and I’d like to know what everyone thinks.

I curate [an art museum website]( dedicated to re-framing public domain paintings and giving them to everyone for free. Lots of museums gate-keep their assets by claiming copyright on *their images* of public domain paintings, but I think that artwork that belongs to all of us should be given to everyone equally.

So this NFT offers a piece of provenance, a signal of a patron’s endorsement of the project. You might want to [explore the site]( and/or [listing]( for a couple of minutes first but… What do you think!? I’d like to hear some thoughts on the cause and to start a conversation on NFTs, ownership and copyright.

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  1. Isn’t the point of an NFT that it’s unique and one of a kind? or if it’s reproducible or copyable the NFT is kinda proof it that this is the original? A digital picture of the painting is not very unique. I’m still learning about NFTs but people can find a digital picture of the Mona Lisa all over the internet.

  2. The Mona Lisa is so valuable because of all the hype and the fact that there’s only one and no person owns it. If everyone can own the Mona Lisa then it has no real value. Mona Lisa > NFT Lisa

  3. There’s the Mona Lisa, and then there’s the image of the Mona Lisa. Did you take the picture, or commission the picture being taken?

    Doesn‘t the Verisart blockchain say Terence Eden is the artist?

  4. I dont get it, doesn’t selling this picture to the highest bidder go against your own ethos that these pictures should belong to all of us and not an individual?

  5. The frame is crooked but whatever… if the site gives them for free why i would bid of something that I already own?? the best thing for make awareness is to make something unique, a framing living on the blockchain, not something that is already outside, while NFT can represent something in the real world, this is not the case, is just a copy of painting framed on internet so in theory does not represent a Non-Fungible Token inside of the blockchain because this is a copy.


    On the copyright, well that’s depends on the artist, if the artist sell the creative work, but don’t give permission to duplicate, then its ok… the copyright laws still applies to digital assets, on the public domain, well you have to take a different aproach

  6. I obtained an illegal copy of your genome through a shady dealing. I will sell your genome as an NFT to the highest bidder. Some people think genomes are personal, but I say all genomes are common heritage of mankind.




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