Who remembers this? lol

Who remembers this? lol

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  1. Ahhhhhh man what a time that was.

    Bitconnect had just died.

    Tron was a laughing stock.

    Coinbase had ridiculous growing pains.

    This sub was FILLED with “Just cashed out my BTC and moved to Australia” or “Hey guys my house is paid off I’m done trading, and I’m on the lambo train to paradise “

    Everyone laughed at us when, but then btc hit 20k and shit went quiet but we had a designated screen on Every financial show.

    Did I miss anything?

  2. What’s so crazy is that considering the year we are talking about, we all know there is a small, but non-zero chance that bitcoin could reach $500K by then.

    Chances of bitcoin hitting that mark is about the same as an alien fleet invading earth, but it’s 2020 ppl

  3. It’s embarrassing crypto is still talking about this. Let it go already. Nobody gives a shit about McAfee or anything he said years ago. Move on.

  4. logistically though, what would be acceptable as “eat my dick” you think? We talking like chewing and swallow, or would like a self BJ count. Also, if we going down the chewing and swallowing route, would we accept simply the foreskin, or would we want toe whole shaft, or we going full menu: shaft balls and all. There are a lot of questions left unanswered here. Some guidance from the crowd would be helpful. ROFL.

  5. Is this guy still around? He was all over the place in 2017 and I haven’t heard or seen anything in the last few years…

  6. I saw an interview with him few months ago, dude was drunk out of his mind and said he starts drinking from moment he opens his eyes; he also seemed pissed at Bitcoin, claiming it was shit so I assume he sold out too soon and he was pushing some shitxoin

  7. He attempted to pass the whole thing off as a joke earlier this year:



    …and I suppose technically he could still create ‘Bircoin’ before the end of 2020 and get out of it, if he really wanted to.

  8. lol @ doubling down on trust in a model that had already given him a wrong prediction in 2017.

    Way to double your faith when you see something that has failed.

  9. Not even nitro in crash bandicoot is as volatile as crypto, of course he would have to eat his dick. And im seriously starting to consider BTC to have a tsundere alter ego at this point…

  10. Judging by 2020’s current trajectory, if McAfee actually ate his dick on national TV on NYE 2020, I would not be the least bit surprised.

  11. Who remembers his residential campaign .. Or his cia hunt.. His paranoid tin foil container hus herion videos. His 100000 dollar grap and pump vids .. Or his history and accusation of murder..

    No one does.. This is crypto.. With a month we will.nolonger know who arthur hazy wazz. Haze? Hazie hashtag..

    Maybe i should ask mac who and where art is;)

  12. His only hope now is if the money printer goes brrrr to unprecedented amounts in the next 2 months leading to hyperinflation

  13. He can still release that hard cap Bircoin token (with BTC symbol), on some lesser-known platform, so there’s a way for him to actually win that bet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮

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